North Cyprus Border Crossings

Crossing the border from the north to south in Cyprus is much easier these days since the border opened in 2004. With this opened border there are rules and restrictions in place when entering North or South Cyprus. Read on to find out more on the North Cyprus border crossings.

For tourists wishing to cross the border into the north, all you will need is a passport. After presenting your passport, you will need to fill out a paper given by the border guards. The paper will ask for your name, nationality and passport number. This paper will be stamped but your passport will not. After crossing into the North border you will be checked again by Greek Cypriot authorities. There is no need to worry as you can cross the border as many times as you want. The border is also open 24 hours every day. One popular place to the cross border is Metehan in Nicosia. However, this border crossing can be congested from time to time so you may have to wait awhile. Many tourists and locals cross by foot, car or bike. The Ledra Palace border is another entrance but you can only cross on foot or bike. No cars of any type are allowed except for diplomatic cars.

Restrictions and Rules

It is forbidden to take a northern rental car into the south but you can take a southern rental car into the north territory. When you do this you must buy extra insurance because no southern insurance company covers accidents that happen in the north.  Private cars are able to cross into the borders from either way, except at the Ledra Palace border. There are some stipulations when it comes to North Cyprus border crossings, however. You cannot take items worth more than 50 lira when you cross the border. Some items have a limit, like cigarettes or alcohol. Only two packs of cigarettes, one bottle of wine and 0.5 liter of spirits are allowed on one person at one time. If caught with these items they will be confiscated and you will be issued a fine. It is recommended that you do not have any property papers on you as you cross the border. It has been reported that Greek Cypriot authorities will confiscate these papers. As with any border, your luggage or vehicle may be subjected to a search.

Many people cross the border every day for work, pleasure or just to explore the history and culture of the island. North Cyprus border crossings are just like any other border crossing in the world. Be mindful of the country’s rules and restrictions and you will get through just fine.

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