North Cyprus Sightseeing Attractions

North Cyprus is renowned for its wide array of activities and attractions. There are many activities that are family friendly, fun and inexpensive. Read more to find out about North Cyprus sightseeing attractions.

North Cyprus sightseeing attractions are in abundance all over the island. For example, the  Kyrenia castle houses much history and charm for even the most apathetic history buff.  Nestled inside the castle is a church, dungeon, tomb and an arsenal. The castle was constructed in the 1500s and was used to protect the harbor. You can tour the castle at your own pace and there is no entrance fee. When you are done with the castle, head to The Shipwreck Museum which is located inside the castle. The ship’s cargo was dated to be as old as 2300 years and is currently on display. After marveling at the ancient cargo, exit the castle and walk along the harbor. There you will find places to eat and shop or just watch the boats sailing in and out of the harbor.

Bellapais Monastery

The Bellapais Monastery was formed by monks who came from Jerusalem in 1198. While the monastery is mostly ruins now, there is some reconstruction taking place. You are able to tour the monastery on your own and take in the beautiful architecture. The Bellapais Music Festival is held in the monastery every year in May.

St. Nicholas Cathedral

St. Nicholas Cathedral, located in Famagusta, was constructed in  the 1300s. It was built in the French Gothic style and mirrors many cathedrals found in France today. Outside of the cathedral is a fig tree which is said to be the oldest standing tree in Cyprus. Today, the cathedral has been converted into a mosque. You can tour the building for free as long as there are no religious services going on. Donations are accepted in lieu of an entrance fee.

By Mountain or Sea

If scuba diving or snorkeling is not appealing to you, try a North Cyprus boat cruise. If you are looking for a day cruise you will need to leave from the smaller island ports. One day cruises are only offered between the months of May and October.  These cruises include lunch and stop at a number of ports including Paphos and Larnaca. You can also opt for a half day cruise which will cost about 28 Euros for adults and includes drinks and dinner.

Not only does North Cyprus have pristine beaches but it also very mountainous. You can arrange a hiking tour to take you up the great hills. Tours start around 7:30 in the morning and last till 11 am. It is important that you wear correct shoes and bring your own water.

North Cyprus sightseeing attractions can be fun and inexpensive for the whole family. There are many places to go see and explore during your stay in North Cyprus.

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