Thompson Center Turkey Barrel

Want to buy a Thompson Center turkey barrel? Read on for facts and info on the highly effective Thompson Center turkey barrels and what they can do for your shotgun…

Thompson Center produces barrels that give you the ability to convert your conventional encore gun into a turkey gun, slug gun or a smoothbore gun. The shotgun barrels produced by the company are adjustable and made using fiber optic sights.

Thompson Center is renowned for producing high-quality accessories for gun users. Their barrels can transform your weapon into a very powerful and versatile .50 caliber muzzleloader with Magnum capabilities.

The barrels are available in different sizes enabling you to incorporate them into your weapon of choice. They are made using 40 grade steel which gives it the ability to sustain Magnum charges of up to 150 grains of black powder as well as Pyrodex.

In order to further enhance the performance of your turkey gun you can compliment the Thompson Center barrels with the 250 grain shockwave bullets produced by the company as well as 3 Pyrodex Pellets. Together this equipment will give your shotgun a muzzle velocity of up to 2203 feet per second. It will also enable you to take shots from a distance of up to 200 yards.

Another design feature that adds value to Thompson Center turkey barrels is the fact that they are embedded with a stainless steel universal breech plug, which is designed to be extremely easy to remove. The high quality universal breech plug allows for reliable and quick ignition using both Pyrodex and powder. The barrels have also been given a special shoulder sealing design. This helps to prevent fouling into the threads. Furthermore since these barrels do not have a striker, the fouling is compactly contained within the barrel itself.

Thompson Center has given the turkey barrels a very ergonomic design, which also makes them very easy to clean. All you have to do is quickly remove the barrel and take out the universal breech plug to clean the breech end as well as the muzzle.

The turkey barrels produced by the company are unparalleled in terms of their functionality. The fact that they feature interchangeable barrels allows you to remove them in a matter of seconds. Additionally you will be able to select from a large variety of center fire barrels that can be used for any application whatsoever. The variety ranges from .22 Hornet barrels for Varmints to 405 Win Mag that can be used for larger game. You will also be able to choose both 20 gauge as well as 12 gauge barrels that are commonly used for upland birds including turkey, waterfowl and even deer hunting.

The most popular barrels produced by Thompson Center include the 24 inch fully rifled slug barrel along with its adjustable fiber optic sights variety, the Realtree Hardwoods, Grey Smoothbore Turkey Barrel, the Vent Rib Smoothbore barrel and the Realtree Hardwoods for Muzzle loading.

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