North Cyprus Things To Do

While staying in North Cyprus you can find many things to do. From shopping to mountain climbing there is something for everyone. Continue reading to find out more on North Cyprus things to do.

North Cyprus things to do are everywhere. For example, guided walking tours are available through many hotels. Even if you do not take a guide there are a lot of walking routes that wind around the island. You can check with your hotel staff to find out when and where the walking tours will be held. Horse-back riding is also very popular in North Cyprus. You can rent horses from stables to explore the island or ride the horses up the mountains.

Shopping in North Cyprus is another activity that you can do with the whole family. Bazaar shops offer a wide array of products from pottery to silks to hand-woven baskets. Some products found in North Cyprus are imported from Turkey so their prices will be higher. There are also boutiques, malls and mini-markets for all of your shopping needs.

North Cyprus has miles and miles of beautiful, sandy beaches. Famagusta Beach, Kyrenia Beach or Karpaz Beach are great places to swim or take a walk. Snorkeling in the pristine water is another activity to do at the beaches. Note that it is illegal to go scuba diving by yourself but snorkeling is acceptable. Check with your hotel to see which beaches have entrance fees.

Kyrenia is the epicenter for history buffs and enthusiasts alike.  It is home to many ancient ruins, including castles, which you can tour.

North Cyprus Entertainment

North Cyprus things to do are found in abundance and entertainment is no exception. Festivals are an on-going event and you can find one almost every month you are there. The most significant festival is held on July 20 in which the Cypriots celebrate freedom and peace operations. Other festivals include the wine festival, children’s day and the sea festival.

Going to the cinema is a great place to relax, unwind and enjoy a film. So if you want to see a movie,  you have a pick of five movie theatres in North Cyprus. There is one theatre in Lefkosa, two in Girne and two in Gazimagusa. Each movie theatre shows relatively new movie releases and they change the movies every week. These movies are shown with Turkish subtitles.

If live theatre is your passion, look no further than the Sidetreets in Lefkosa. Most of the theatre performances are in Turkish but some plays are silent. Some people go to the theatre just to see amazing actors perform and others go for the stories.

In North Cyprus, things to do are everywhere. Talk to your hotel staff or the locals to find out what kinds of activities are available.

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