Ancient Egyptian Necklace

Want to buy an ancient Egyptian necklace? Read on to discover the different symbols found in ancient Egyptian necklaces…

The ancient history of Egypt spans over 6000 years and still has an impact on modern day accessories and different elements in our life. One of these popular elements is jewelry, especially arm bands and necklaces. This intriguing and rich culture has actually got a science of its own and is being continuously studied by people who have mastered this culture and call themselves Egyptologists.

The amazing structure of the pyramids, the preserved underground chambers as well as the detailed symbolic language called the hieroglyphics all are a testimony to their skill and foresight. Furthermore, the elaborate procedure of preparing mummies for the afterlife as well as the amazing craftsmanship on gold jewelry is a tribute to any society.

Ancient Egyptian necklaces really bring the culture into the modern day and you can actually sport your fondness for this culture and the craftsmanship by purchasing a replica or an original ancient Egyptian necklace.

Different Styles of Ancient Egyptian Necklaces

You can get Egyptian necklaces which are similar to the pieces worn by the different gods and goddesses. These were mainly solid gold collars which were enameled in lapis lazuli and contained other precious stones. Apart from this the different symbols utilized in creating necklaces were the scarab which was the dung beetle and is considered a mythical creature of high-power. The Egyptian Mau was a domesticated cat originating as a subspecies of the African wildcat and was revered and worshiped as a deity.

This cat was featured in different necklace designs. The materials used in crafting the necklace depended on how much money the person would spend as well as their status in society. For example necklaces made for the Kings and Queens usually were crafted out of gold. These are passed on to nobility and royalty and were rarely gifted to those of humble origins. The turquoise stone is reminiscent of the bygone Egyptian era.

Another popular utilization of ancient Egyptian necklaces comes in the style of the hieroglyphic necklaces. These necklaces utilize the language in terms of symbolic icons and often are carved with an additional name of the bearer of the necklace. You can actually have these necklaces commissioned or buy them straight out of the market. Most of the Egyptian necklaces of the ancient designs are recreations and there’s hardly any high class authentic Egyptian necklace on the market. The reason for this is that most of the Egyptian royalty was buried with their jewelry to be utilized in the afterlife.

You can get the basic cube shaped mummy beads or the lotus flower beads in pale green or red and white. The necklace is available in 22 carat gold plating and fits like a collar on the neck. Symbolic designs representing the scarab are also popular when used on an amulet to protect the person wearing it. The material of soapstone is utilized to create these different symbols of Egyptian necklace.

You will find the Egyptian Mau which is the local Breed in the form of the Sun God if the cat is male and the solar eye if the cat is female. Beads are also utilized in conjunction with soapstone to create an amulet bearing the image of the most important goddess from the Egyptian mythology who is Isis.

The beads called faience are created out of the pieces of quartz which are fused together. The eye of the God Horus is worn as an amulet to represent rejuvenation of the Spirit. The symbol of the Ankh and Blue Djed pillar also make popular Egyptian necklaces. Apart from this the use of faience beads are utilized to create Isis and Baby Horus.

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