Rugs Made in Spain

Want to buy a rug made in Spain? Read on for facts and info on Spanish rugs and discover where you can buy authentic rugs made in Spain…

Spanish rugs are regarded as being masterpieces of the art of weaving around the world. There are two facets to Spanish rugs that make them unique. The first facet has to do with the weaving techniques employed in the making of the rugs and the second facet has to do with the development of unique designs that give a timeless charm to these products.

The tradition of rug weaving in Spain was developed by the Arab conquerors that are remembered in history as the Moors. Historical records indicate that these Arabs were the ones to teach the people of Spain and Venetia the traditional art of rug weaving. The Spanish rugs that are being sold in the market today as “Moorish Rugs” are actually made according to the techniques and styles popularized by the Arab conquerors of Spain.

Characteristics of Spanish Rugs

Spanish rugs have a distinctively different visual appearance and can be recognized in an instant. Yellow seems to be the predominant color and is found in almost every design made in the country. In terms of their quality and style, they bear close resemblance to another style that is known the “Smyrna rug”. Today you will be able to find authentic antique Moorish rugs displayed in mosques and cathedrals in Spain. The cathedrals of Seville and Toledo in particular have a fine collection of Spanish rugs. It is estimated that these rugs date back to the 13th century.

The essence of Spanish rug design was the use geometric patterns. These patterns could range from simple to extremely complex and hence create different kinds of feelings. Each Spanish rug would have been meticulously hand weaved by highly skilled artisans who had been taught the traditional style of rug weaving by the Arabs. Even the dyeing procedure was conducted manually because it produced the rich colors that made the rugs stand out.

The so-called Spanish rugs that you will be able to find in the market today are mass-produced using heavy-duty machinery. However these rugs are much inferior in terms of quality and aesthetic appeal when compared to the traditional hand made rugs of Spain. Rug weaving was at its peak in Spain from the 11th to the 17th century and by no means can the modern machine made rugs match them in terms of quality.

Although the machines allow Spanish rugs to be mass-produced and sold at a lower price, there are some artisans who stick to the traditional method of making Spanish rugs. These artisans have learned the traditional skill from their forefathers and continue to practice it. Anyone looking to buy a rug made in Spain needs to find out whether it is indeed an authentic handmade Spanish rug or one of the machine made cheap replicas. Of course the price between the two varieties is going to vary considerably, but they do not even come close to each other in terms of charm and brilliance.


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