Egyptian Amulet

Interested in a specific Egyptian amulet? Read on to find out the symbolism of different Egyptian amulets…

With the discovery of the remains of the mummies in ancient Egypt, many artifacts like Egyptian amulets were also found gracing their tombs and swathes of linen bandages on the mummy. Egyptian amulets were also utilized by the living Egyptians as is depicted in the frescoes created by them.

Symbolic Egyptian Amulets Denoting the Heart

The heart Egyptian amulet played the main function of replacing the organ when it was removed during mummification which was the process of preparing the body for the afterlife. As the actual organ was preserved in canopic jar this Egyptian amulet was used to replace it and transferred the protection of the Egyptian God Ra to the mummy. It is created out of lapis lazuli or carnelian and actually shaped like the canopic jar in which the heart is preserved.

The Scarab when used as an Egyptian amulet denotes new life because it is a powerful creature. It seems to generate new life from itself and have the power to push small balls of dung across the landscape which symbolized the movement of the sun through the solar system. Normally constructed out of green colored marble, basalt or granite, it is set in gold and for more expensive ones the green color indicated by an emerald. This is placed on the heart cavity of the mummy and often kept in combination with the heart amulet, depicting their interchangeability and closeness.

Symbolic Elements in Egyptian Amulets placed on the Neck

The Knot of Isis represents protection offered to the deceased from the blood of the goddess Isis and was created out of red colored glass, jasper or Carnelian and may often be gold plated. It signifies divine love and was attached at the neck of the deceased person.

Djed was another symbolic Egyptian amulet placed on the neck of the mummy which represented the backbone and gave the deceased the power to reconstruct itself in the other world, starting with the backbone of the body. It was created out of wood or gold to denote strength and durability.

The amulet denoting a pillow was created out of hematite and was placed under the neck to lift up and offer protection to the head of the deceased person.
The vulture offered protection to the deceased with the power of the Walter goddess known as Mut and was shaped like a winged vulture stretching out its wings and grasping the Ankh in each talon.

The symbolic Egyptian amulet called the Ankh was a life-giving symbol which represented the transfer of life and energy to any creature. It was created with various materials depending on the amount spent on the creation and was worn as a pendant. It is by far the most important element in symbolic Egypt and forms the main structure of many other symbols in Egypt.

The collar of Gold is a very rare amulet made out of solid gold and placed on the neck of the mummy which gives them the power to free him or herself from the bandages they are wrapped in.

Another ancient Egyptian amulet is the Papyrus scepter which transcends the power of youth to the mummy and is created out of light green colored or light blue porcelain or mother of emerald and placed on the neck of the deceased.


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