Private Caravans France

Are you considering traveling in France? Want to learn about the advantages of traveling with a private caravan? Interested in the different options that private caravans have? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Private caravans are an excellent way to travel as it allows travelers to have their own personal place to stay. The caravan can be towed behind a vehicle for transportable accommodation, or it can be parked and used in a caravan camp. In a country as diverse as France using a private caravan for traveling allows individuals to experience various parts of the countryside without the concern of accommodations.

Static Caravans

Static caravans allow owners or renters to park the caravan in a caravan park and enjoy having a semi-permanent residence while on vacation. In France, static caravans are particularly popular among visiting UK residents. All caravans are transportable; however, static caravans are left stationary in a caravan park and used as a summer or vacation residence.

Caravans serve as great temporary residences as on average private caravans are about the size of a small apartment. In order to park a caravan in a park, a space must be leased from the caravan park. The prices for leasing space vary and are frequently dependent on the location in France.  If you choose to invest in a static caravan many caravan parks offer the opportunity for a trial period to experience park life and the amenities that make staying in a caravan park enjoyable for both children and adults.


Private caravans are not only great when used in the static style as they also offer a new approach to travel. When traveling, using a private caravan allows you to tour an area, such as France, with the comfort of amenities and accommodations within reach. A private caravan offers freedom, personal space and opportunity for comfortable and spontaneous traveling. When using a private caravan to travel it is important to remember that a place to park is still needed. As a result of this it is important for travelers to consider in advance the different parks as many have unique schedules and periods of operation. For example many parks are closed during the winter. It is important no matter when you are traveling that you plan in advance as much as possible in order to secure a spot at a caravan park.

Renting versus Buying

Traveling with a private caravan involves more decisions then just where to travel to. Private caravan traveling also has the options of renting a caravan or purchasing your very own.  Whether or not you eventually plan on purchasing a caravan of your own it is recommended that you rent prior to purchase. This is important as it allows the travelers to experience the vacation style of a private caravan.

Renting is also advantageous as it eliminates the need for storage and flexible times are available as many companies allow rentals for as little as a day and up to weeks at a time. Purchasing a private caravan is also an option, particularly for families who plan to travel repeatedly. When purchasing prices differ based on new and used caravans and if a caravan is purchased the owners must also then consider storage. Private caravans, whether rented or owned, offer families and individuals a great opportunity to see various places at their own pace.

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