Egyptian Cat Breeds

Interested in the history of the Egyptian cat breeds? Read on to discover more about the fascinating Egyptian Mau cat breed…

The Egyptian term for the cat is Mau and this Egyptian cat breed has an interesting history. Apart from this it is naturally endowed with a wonderful personality and unique appearance.

Origins and Significance of the Egyptian Cat

The Egyptian cat breed commonly known as the Egyptian Mau is actually a subspecies of the spotted Wildcat from Africa. This cat is the only surviving naturally spotted feline from the category of domesticated felines. The Egyptian Mau is considered of great importance to the social life as well as religious leanings and Egyptian mythology from ancient times.

Personality of the Egyptian Cat Breed

This playful cat is now domesticated by cat’s lovers all over the world. It is appreciated for its charming personality and affectionate demeanor. It is a very vocal cat and can be easily managed and housed with other pets as well as children. Owning and interacting with an Egyptian Mau is like living with a piece of history and functioning with a relic that is alive.

In ancient Egypt these cats were mummified and mourned when they died, they had special laws to protect the rights and cat lovers who domesticated them were extremely devoted to these felines. Apart from this they were considered to be deities and were therefore worshipped also.
Contrary to popular belief the Egyptian Mau is very loyal and ferociously protective and territorial. This is pertinent to the feline family and the adopted human family that it lives and grows up with.

These cats are extremely devoted to their own owners and are known to chortle when they are happy and this is a very charming and melodious sound. This chortle is accompanied by a speedy wiggling of their tails as well as the tread of their forepaws.

It has an elegant body structure with random spots all over. The legs and tail have different bands around them. They look like they are expressing something from their gooseberry eyes which are green in color. It’s interesting to note that this feline has unique mascara lines surrounding its eyes and wears a slightly perturbed expression on his face. Its movement is similar to that of the stride of a cheetah and the Mau grabs the attention of anyone who happens to see this living relic.

Physical Description of the Egyptian Cat Breed – The Mau

The Egyptian cat breed of the spotted kind comes in different colors which are smoky, bronzy and silvery shades. There is also the solid black cat as well as the bluish silver, bluish smoked cat and the solid blue colored cat. The diluted version called the blue spotted cat is a diluted bronze. These cats are registered all over the world but only the championship classes of silver, smoke and bronze can be shown.

Characteristics of the Mau

Once the bloodlines have been established along with the analysis of the markings on the Egyptian cat breed, they can be priced according to their pedigree. Kittens are available for sale generally during the ages of 12 to 16 weeks and after 12 weeks they are done with the basic inoculations. Apart from this they develop certain physical characteristics in the 12th week of their life and can actually adjust into new home environments without any trauma.


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