Holiday Inn Crescent City California

Looking for Holiday Inn in Crescent City California? Learn more about the Crescent city California Holiday Inn chain of hotels for a comfortable stay…

The Holiday Inn Express in Crescent City California is considered the Gateway to the Redwood Forest. It has very large rooms and some of them have beautiful views of the ocean. This is a hotel that is great for travelers and businessmen both. The rooms come with suites and balconies and a comfortably large whirlpool bath. The hotel is a 100% non-smoking zone, which makes it great for children and families.

Amenities in Holiday Inn Express Crescent City California

When it comes to the range of hotels, the Holiday Inn Express is a great facility and location making it exceptionally convenient. You can find it on Hundred Walton Street in Crescent City, California. You can find in-room coffee services, a room that is equipped with an iron board and iron, a clock radio and a cable TV. The bathroom has its own hairdryer while the kitchen has a microwave and refrigerator.

You can reach the beach as well as the harbor in five minutes, as the hotel is off the highway. The rooms have handicapped access and roll in showers. There is no gym or swimming pool on this property, but every morning you will be served at the continental breakfast. Most of the amazing restaurants are located in close proximity to the area.

Benefits of Holiday Inn in Crescent City California

Crescent City, California has amazing weather most of the year, which is spring weather of 48°F and the humidity of 94% on some days. Crescent City is located on the north coast of California bordering the Pacific Ocean. It is very popular as business destinations as well as tourist destinations.

Most of the hotels have great amenities, but the Holiday Inn Express is preferred by businessmen. The main reason for this is that the no-frills high quality amenities offered by this place make it a luxurious hotel on a budget price. With the lush balconies and ocean views, one would hardly think that you’re living in a budget hotel. The rooms are considered very large when compared to other hotels in Crescent City, California. The Holiday Inn Express has whirlpool tubs that make for a very comfortable and relaxing experience. Accommodation facilities at the Holiday Inn Express include on-site Laundromat and parking for the convenience of the residents. You can easily reach the place by crossing US Highway 101, as it is located right off the highway.

Convenience Offered By Holiday Inn Express in Crescent City California

When you search for reservations online you can get a minimum price guarantee for booking early. If you are a member of the Holiday Inn Express frequent traveler you can get great rates in the nick of time.

The reason the Holiday Inn Express on Crescent Beach is popular is mainly because they offer last-minute reservations for large or small groups of family and businessmen. The high quality services are unmatched, and you will find a great deal of emphasis on smooth operations in the region. This means that the business traveler can move from one destination to another in the same chain of hotels without any hassle.

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