Egyptian Coat Of Arms

Want to learn more about the Egyptian coat of arms? Read on for facts and info on the description and meaning of the symbolism attached with this important national symbol of Egypt…

Every nation has a number of national symbols that are meant to represent the country through different mediums. Conventionally these symbols can take the form of a flag, an emblem or a coat of arms. The Egyptian coat of arms is one of the most important national symbols for Egypt.

Egyptian coat Of Arms Description

The national coat of arms of Egypt features an Eagle known as the Eagle of Saladin. It is shown as holding a scroll in its talons which has an Arabic inscription on it translated as “Arab Republic of Egypt”. On the breast of the eagle is a shield that is painted in the colors of the national flag. However unlike the national flag that has a horizontal configuration the colors are painted in a vertical direction.

Egypt entered into a union with its neighboring country, Syria. This was between 1958 to 1961 and lasted up to 1971. During this time The Egyptian coat of arms was shown as carrying two stars on the face of the Shield. The coat of arms went through another modification between 1972 and 1984. This time the eagle itself was replaced by the”Golden Hawk of Qureish”. This was meant to symbolize the Federation of Arab Republics.

Egyptian Coat Of Arms Symbolism

Archaeologists dispute over whether the eagle displayed on the Egyptian coat of arms is actually meant to symbolize the character of Saladin. The reason why the notion that it does represent Saladin exists is because archaeologists were able to find the eagle symbol painted on a wall of a citadel constructed by Saladin in Cairo. Hence many people consider the eagle to be Saladin’s personal symbol. Other than this obvious observation there is no real historical record to prove this notion. Nonetheless the symbol of the eagle became a representative for Arab nationalism and following Egypt’s move of displaying the eagle is the symbol of national solidarity other Arab countries like Palestine, Iraq and Yemen also adopted the so-called Saladin’s eagle as the national symbol.

In its essence the Eagle is meant to symbolize first and foremost independence followed by power and beauty. This is what the different coat of arms is meant to symbolize as the official representative of the country.

In order for any symbol to acquire the status of the national symbol it needs to be recognized by the law and noted down in the Constitution. Not only does the law give official recognition to the symbol but it also ensures that it is used in the proper way. There are specific etiquettes that must be followed when making use of the Egyptian coat of arms. Distorting its image and changing colors or construction are some of the things that are condemned by the law.
Along with the national flag of Egypt, the coat of arms is one of the most important official national symbols of the country.

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