Egyptian Hakim Rifle

Want to buy the Egyptian Hakim rifle? Read on for facts and info on Egyptian hakim rifles and their gas operated mechanism…

The Egyptian Hakim rifle is a unique weapon of its kind primarily because it is gas operated. In terms of its function it is a semiautomatic rifle which was originally designed for use by the Swedish Army with another name. In the mid-1900s the Swedish sold the technology to the Egyptians who then produced the renowned Hakim rifle by the 1960s.

Gas Operated System

The Hakim rifle was embedded with a special valve at the front end of the gas tube. The operating system could be adjusted by maneuvering this valve. The methodology used by the Hakim rifle is known as “direct impingement”. This was a very simple mechanism where the pressure created by the gas inside the rifle would impact the bolt carrier thereby propelling it to the rear end of the rifle which would in turn unlock and move the bolt in the process.

There are many different rifles that are based on similar operating systems in the world. The US M-16 rifle for example utilizes the same science but unlike the Egyptian Hakim rifle it does not give you the opportunity to adjust the gas pressure.

When it comes to the tipping bolt system the Hakim is fitted with a Tokarev pattern system which is also found in the French MAS56 and the Russian SKS. The rifle is available in a number of different measurements depending on where it has been manufactured. The Egyptian Hakim rifle can only be used with the 192 grain bullet and is embedded with a 10 round magazine that can be removed and reloaded with about five round stripper clips.

Up until the 1960s the Egyptian Hakim rifle was the weapon of choice for many different countries. However by the 1960s the Soviet Union invented the brilliant AK-47 which soon became the most popular rifle used by military units across the world.

In recent years a number of Egyptian police units have been equipped with the gas operated Egyptian Hakim rifle. This unique rifle also seems to be favored by bandits. In particular, the bandits from Marche in Italy are very fond of the Egyptian Hakim rifle.

Egyptian Hakim Standard Rifle

The standard Egyptian Hakim rifle measured a total of 47 ¾ of an inch long. Along with its gas tube it weighed in at a little over 10 pounds. By all standards this made the Egyptian Hakim an extremely heavy rifle whereas the other rifles were the same length but much lighter in weight.

The rifle has been embedded with a full-length butt stock. This was one of the things that made it popular in America because the majority of rifles produced in America were based on a similar construction and hence Americans found it comfortable to use. Nonetheless the heavyweight was a major drawback that could cause a considerable amount of discomfort for the user as lugging it around on the battlefield or a hunting trip could be quite cumbersome for the individual.


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