Public Holidays in Thailand

Most shops and bars are closed during public holidays in Thailand. Check here to see if your visit to Thailand coincides with a public holiday.

Thailand has several public holidays which occur annually. While some of these public holidays are related specifically to Thai national heritage and the Royal Family of Thailand, the majority of official holidays are in some way connected to the Buddhist religion and rely on the Lunar calendar which means that the precise date varies every year. Below we’ve listed the main public holidays in Thailand.

Spring Public Holidays in Thailand

Chakri Memorial Day occurs on April 6th and commemorates the establishment of the Royal Chakri dynasty which still rules today.

April 13th is Songkran which is more commonly known as the water festival. Depending on where in Thailand you are this festival lasts from between 3- 10 days and is heaps of fun with crowds of people in the street partaking in huge water fights and throwing colorful powders at each other.

May 5th is Coronation Day and commemorates the ascension to the throne of King Bhunibol in 1950, making him the longest reigning monarch in the world today.

Visakha Buddha Day occurs some time in the middle of May and is a religious holiday remembering the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha.

Summer Public Holidays in Thailand

Buddhist Lent takes place in the middle of July and commemorates the first sermon given by Buddha to his disciples after his enlightenment. This is also the day when Buddhist monks begin a three month retreat of meditation and spiritual purification.

August 12th is celebrated as a public holiday in Thailand because it is the birthday of Queen Sirkit. Bars are closed on this day.

Autumn Public Holidays in Thailand

October 23rd is King Rama V day who reigned in the 19th century and is especially revered by Thai people.

The beginning of November sees the religiously rooted public holiday of Loy Krathay which honours the water spirit and is an opportunity to wash away one’s sins from the previous year.

Winter Public Holidays in Thailand

December 5th is a public holiday because it is the birthday of King Bhumibol who currently reigns as king in Thailand.

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