Egyptian Necklaces

Want to buy an Egyptian necklace? Read on to explore the variety of traditional Egyptian necklaces that you will be able to find out there in the market…

The ancient Egyptians were credited for producing extremely superior quality jewelry that displayed their expert craftsmanship and creative design sense. Amongst the various jewelry articles that the Egyptians produced, Egyptian necklaces are most highly regarded. In fact the design sense employed in the making of these necklaces gave them a timeless classic appeal which makes them even fashionable in today’s times.

The Egyptians had their own fine selection of materials that they would use for the purpose of making jewelry. Gold was the base material for Egyptian necklaces and they would use a wide variety of gems and precious stones to adorn these necklaces. The use of amber, emerald, Garnet, beryl and olivine was very popular for Egyptian necklaces. A large number of necklaces can be found using different varieties of quartz which includes amethysts, agate, milky quartz, rock crystal and jasper as well as turquoise. When compared to other civilizations of the time Egyptian necklaces truly stand out with regards to their superior quality construction and unique sense of design.

Some fine examples of Egyptian necklaces are given below:

Ankh Necklace

The symbol of the “Ankh” was one of the most commonly used symbols in Egyptian jewelry. It was considered to be a symbol of the afterlife. This particular necklace has been made using a combination of sterling silver and gold. It features a unique pendant as its focal point measuring a total of 52.6 mm long. The pendant is about 2.1 mm thick and weighs in at 5.5 g. The pendant is shaped in the symbol of the ankh and can be worn with a black leather cord or a rhodium plated chain.

Floating Ankh Necklace

This is an interesting variation of the ankh necklace. Although it symbolizes the same thing, that is eternal life, it is displayed in different manner. The floating necklace features a relatively larger ankh symbol that is created in a manner so as to appear to be floating in the air and thus has a totally distinct appeal.

Scarab Necklace

There is perhaps no other symbol more popular than the symbol of the scarab beetle when it comes to ancient Egyptian necklaces. This symbol represents resurrection and was one of the most important symbols in ancient Egyptian mythology. The necklace features a pendant modeled like the scarab beetle smack in the center. The pendant has been carved out of sterling silver and is outlined by 14 karat gold.

The Eye of Horus Turquoise Necklace

This is one of the more colorful examples of Egyptian necklaces that you will be able to find. It features the most important Egyptian mythological symbol of the “Eye of Horus” which is carved out of silver and adorned with turquoise gemstones. One of the things that set this necklace apart is the way it hangs with four beaded strands of turquoise gemstones that holds the pendant in the center.


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