Egyptian Uromastyx

Want to learn more about the Egyptian Uromastyx? Read on for facts and info on this unique breed of lizards native to the arid and rocky regions of Egypt…

The Egyptian Uromastyx is a unique species of lizard that is native to the hot and arid rocky regions of Egypt. The lizard is classified as a giant version of the genus. Scientists have been able to find specimens from the Egyptian Uromastyx measuring up to 76 cm long and in some cases even more.

Egyptian Uromastyx Characteristics

The Egyptian Uromastyx is characterized by a large tail which is studded with spines all the way along its length. The spiny tail acts as a powerful weapon that the lizard makes use of against predators that set their eyes upon it in the wild. The head of the Egyptian Uromastyx is shaped like that of a tortoise along with which it has an extremely strong jaw.

Adult Egyptian Uromastyx are usually dark brown in color and can go up to complete black. However newborn Egyptian Uromastyx are darker in color and often have spots and broken bands on their hide. In terms of the outward appearance the Egyptian Uromastyx comes across as a very dull reptile that lacks color but their physical appearance is in line with their personalities. The lizard has a very docile nature and rarely shows signs of aggression or struggle when picked up in the hands despite their prehistoric appearance.

Keeping an Egyptian Uromastyx as a Pet

The unique appearance and the docile nature of the Egyptian Uromastyx has made it a popular pet across the world. However just like it is with other pet animals you need to make sure that you provide your pet Uromastyx with the right kind of environment. Ideally you would want to keep just a single specimen in one enclosure unless you intend to breed it. The enclosure should be at least 6 feet in length because an adult Uromastyx will require this much space to comfortably move around.

You need to give the enclosure a carpeting of sand that must be at least 6 inches from the ground. This will give it the opportunity to burrow in the sand. You will also need to place a number of different shelters across the enclosure to provide it with hiding and climbing places. You can use normal rock slabs to create these shelters or you can purchase specially produced reptile caves.

Ideally you would want to maintain a 50 to 65% humidity level in the enclosure making sure that the humidity never rises above 70%. The Egyptian Uromastyx is used to extremely hot temperatures and needs areas for basking in the sun. It is recommended that it be provided with basking temperatures of up to 60C which should drop down to about 18C during nighttime.

Maintaining the right kind of temperature for the Egyptian Uromastyx is perhaps the most difficult aspect that you have to maintain if you are interested in acquiring one as a pet. This can be achieved by placing a 10% UV B Strip light inside the enclosure. If you are willing to spend a little more money then you would want to go for a UV-B vapor lamp which is more effective for the purpose of radiating heat allowing the Egyptian Uromastyx the ideal temperature in which to bask.


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