Italian Baby Girl Names

Having a baby girl? Hurray! Looking for an appropriate Italian baby girl name? Want to know some of the most popular names for girls in Italian and where they get their meaning from? Our guide gives you the information you want to know.

There are many things about Italy that attract world wide attraction. Amongst the Pasta’s and the Pizza’s you will find that people around the world are beginning to develop a liking for Italian names. Not names of places or restaurants rather names of people. An increasing number of non Italian families are becoming fond of giving their newborns an Italian name. When you ask them the reason behind their doing so the number one reason you will find would be the way they sound. The different sounding Italian names tend to add uniqueness to the character of a baby.

Italian Girl Names

When it comes to Italian baby names for girls you do not only have names that sound beautiful they even have beautiful meanings to compliment the phonetics. Take for example the name Aldabella which actually means beautiful. This is by far one of the most popular Italian baby names the popularity of which has outstripped the country’s perimeters. There is a female version of the name Alessandro which is pronounced as Alessandra meaning helper of her fellow kind. These kinds of names have a good effect on the personality of the individual as they grow up. The children should be taught to take pride in the meaning of their names, if their names have good meanings that is.

Beware of blindly going for a romantic sounding Italian name because it can have a meaning quite the contrary of its phonetics. This would be a source of embarrassment for you and your daughter once she grows up to find what her name actually means. So take your time and look around; there are plenty of names in the Italian baby name library for girls. If you want to keep reminding yourself that your baby girl is your little girl even when she is real old then the name Bambalina would do you good. This cute sounding Italian baby name for girls means little girl.

Names & Character

Girls are generally perceived to be the fairer sex. This is why people seek to give their baby girls names that have an element of pettiness or preciousness. If you are one of those who would like to value your baby girl like a precious gem then the Italian name Cameo would be fit for your little girl. This unique and simple sounding name means “an engraved gem”. On the other hand if you want your baby girl to grow up to be tough and supportive of her family and assertive of her own rights then you can find names to that effect.

Italian Girl Baby Names Roots

When it comes to Italian baby names for girls you will find them to be extremely varied in terms of meaning as well as origins. Whereas some will have deep and profound meanings others could just be something as simple as “Venetia” which means from Venice. In this way we find that the baby names can take their source from names of places, religious mythology, historical events or elements found in nature. Hence if you are looking for an appropriate name in the Italian vocabulary you are bound to find something that suits your desires.

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