White Egyptian Arabian Horses

Want to learn more about white Egyptian Arabian horses? Read on for facts and info on the most easily recognizable breed of horses in the world…

The Egyptian Arabian horse is one of the most highly prized breeds of horses in the world. This historical breed originated from the Middle East and is characterized by the distinctive shape of its head which is complimented by a high tail carriage. This unique physical appearance of the horse makes the breed one of the most easily recognizable breeds of horses known to the world.

The Truth about the White Egyptian Arabian Horse

An average observer would be able to find a great number of white Arabian horses. However, there is no such thing as a pure white Egyptian Arabian horse although they may seem to appear as white. In actuality the Egyptian Arabian horse has a gray gene which causes the white hair coat to develop. Hence the white Arabian horse is in truth the gray Arabian horse.

In terms of official classifications there are a very limited number of Egyptian Arabian horses that have been categorized as being white. The physical characteristics of the white Arabian includes a white coat which is complimented by pink tones on the skin and dark eyes which the horse has from birth. The horse acquires these physical characteristics due to distorted mutation in the DNA structure that can actually be traced back to one particular stallion who was introduced into the breeding pool back in 1996. This is the unique history behind the so-called White Egyptian Arabian horse.

White Egyptian Arabian Horse Myths

Due to its unorthodox appearance the white Egyptian Arabian horse acquired a special status amongst the Egyptians. A number of myths were developed around the white Arabian horse in particular and the breed itself in general.  The horse was given different titles such as the “Bloody Shouldered” horse and the “flea-bitten” horse.

Origins of the Arabian Horse

This unique breed of horse was developed in the hot desert climates of the Middle East. It was a prized possession for the Bedouins who used to put in their best efforts to acquire and maintain a specimen from the breed. It is because of the close association of the Bedouins with the breed that has played a paramount role in making the Arabian horse a very well mannered, good natured, obedient and fast learning horse. The horse seems to display a will to please its master.

Since the Arabian horse served as the primary battle tank for the Bedouins it also developed a high sense of alertness along with a high spirit as it took part in many battles. This is complimented with the horse’s sensitivity which results in an extremely efficient and manageable horse that displays a high level of competence.

It is because of these qualities and physical characteristics that the breed acquired the title of the “Versatile Arabian”. It is because of the close association of the Bedouins with the breed that they have become the champions of endurance riding and various other equestrian activities.

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