German Army Blankets

German Army blankets are heavy-duty woolen blankets, comprising a high percentage of plush wool and were usually issued in the standard olive drab, with guide stripes and lettering in some other color. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Army blankets are known to be of the highest possible quality to withstand tough winters. They are manufactured with specifications that comply with the world’s major army bases. Longevity is an important characteristic of these blankets, which can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Features of German Army blankets

German Army blankets are made of superior quality wool, which has a characteristic density and softness. Therefore, they serve as heavy-duty blankets and are issued to every person in the German Army. They were meant to be used during the months of winter and autumn, and may have to be returned to the army depot for the remaining seasons. The wool content of these blankets is very high, even up to 100%. They are an excellent source of warmth as well as comfort, and last long when maintained well.

Patterns of German Army blankets

Most of these army blankets are made of the standard olive drab, having an interwoven colored stripe near each end. This stripe forms a reference point that helps roll it up in a consistent manner, enabling it to properly fit in the field pack. The original blankets of the war-period were sometimes grey or cream-white, and the stripes at the edges namely, the ‘guide stripes’ were usually red on one end and blue on the other. The authentic army issues had the message ‘Bundes-Eigntum’ lettered on them, which is translated as ‘Property of the German Army.’

Reproduction German Army blankets

The reproduction models are made of a mix of wool and synthetic fibers, with wool forming the major part.  Some of them come with 50% wool and 50% synthetic fibers. They are manufactured in several shades of green, such as bottle green, forest green or olive green, in accordance to the customers’ requirements. Other colors include off white and grey shades. Durability and comfort are the prime focus in these products. The reproduction blankets come with the guide stripes and the pre-war property letterings as well.
Uses of German Army blankets

A range of the reproduction models are of use to humanitarian agencies and relief aids during calamities and disasters. Besides, they are utilized in other areas including hospitals and health care, government institutions, outdoor picnic blankets, travelling and so forth.

An amazing range of fire retardant blankets and high-grade bomb blankets are made from relevant fabrics such as multi-layered ballistic material. These are used by army, police units and big government offices or corporate offices.

While army surplus markets offer a unique range of German Army blankets for sale, including those of the war period as collectibles, reproduction models are also available to meet variegated customer needs.

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