Engraved Irish Wedding Gifts

Interested in buying engraved Irish wedding gifts? Discover some of the traditionally used engraved Irish wedding gifts…

Every nation has its own traditions related with wedding celebrations. Ireland is one country that has a very rich and unique wedding culture. This can be clearly seen by the unique traditional engraved Irish wedding gifts that have been used over time.

Some of the finest examples of engraved Irish wedding gifts that are being sold in the market today are as follows:

The Bell

This is a very prominent engraved item given as a gift on weddings. The giving of the bell is an age old tradition with symbolic significance. The Irish believe the bell wards off evil spirits that may pose a danger to the newlywed couple. The giving of the bell is considered to be a very generous notion as it is believed to help in the preservation of the marriage.

The traditional Irish bell is also known as the make up bell or the wedding bell. It serves as a constant reminder for the couples to stay committed to their wedding vows. As of tradition, when couples have a heated argument one of them would ring the bell and instead of escalating the matter they would try and calm down remembering their original promise. The bell is available in many different designs with detailed engravings of various Irish symbols associated with marriage, such as the Claddagh.

The Wedding Coin

As the name suggests this is a special engraved coin reserved for the occasion of a wedding. The tradition dates back to the time when the man looking to get married would actually pay the wife’s family a certain amount of money to bring them good fortune in the future.

The coin is supposed to be presented by the groom to his bride once the wedding rings have been exchanged. It is taken as a token of prosperity. These days the bride and groom exchange coins after exchanging the rings and it is believed that if the coins click while passing then the bride and groom will have a healthy relationship and will be blessed with children.

The wedding coins feature detailed engravings of classical Irish symbols. In some cases they may even have the family name of the people getting married. These coins are treasured by the couple and passed down generations as family heirlooms.  Irish wedding coins would often be engraved with the statement “Ta alan notai I bport an bhanias”, which translates as “There are many notes in the wedding tune”. On the back it would say “Gra go deo” which translates as “Love Forever”.

The Lucky Horseshoe

There are no surprises with this Irish wedding gift as it always stands for good luck. Brides in Ireland used to carry a horse shoe with them to their wedding. After the marriage ceremony is over the horseshoe is hung on the front door of the couple’s home with the belief that it wards off evil. Iris horse shoes have special engravings on them such as the symbol of Claddagh and statements like love forever etc.

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