German Army Shirt

The German Army used various types of shirts which were tailored practically to meet the requirements of varying activities, surroundings and weather conditions. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Army shirts are of various types and styles, with different qualities and characteristics to cope with the military requirements. There are flame-resistant combat shirts, moisture-wicking, breathable shirts, anti-microbial t-shirts, sports shirts and uniform shirts. Today, youngsters are after the army look-alike t-shirts or shirts with other customized features.

Features of German Army shirts

German Army shirts of the war period were usually in olive green with long sleeves and chest pockets. However, a few of them were also in gray and white. The Fleck tarn camouflage patterns were also unique and popular. They were either buttoned or worn as pullovers, and made using comfortable fabrics such as linen or woven cotton. Shoulder loops or straps, shoulder buttons, pleated or plain patch pockets and gussets were some characteristic features of these shirts. Some models were long, resembling nightshirts. Some of them had a flag patched on the shoulders.

Heereshemd shirts of the German Army

These are Wehrmacht shirts worn by the German Army around the 1940s, and are available as reproduction shirts. The M41 Heereshemd shirt comprises shades of green or grey with plain patch pockets. The M43 models had pleated patch pockets, and the length reached up to the knee. The collarless Heereshemd resembles night shirts, and is made from white cotton knitted fabric. The pullover style shirt has a collar band and gussets on the side slits and under the armpits.

Germany Army Tropical Shirt

This is a 1940 shirt in pullover style, and was tailored to wear without a blouse. The shoulder straps indicated the rank and branch of the wearer, and it had removable buttons and scalloped flaps. As they were long, they had side slits and gussets on the side and under the armpit. The tropical olive green color is a characteristic feature of this shirt.

German Army sports shirts

It is a white cotton shirt with a black Wehrmacht Heer style eagle in bevo style patched on it. The patch was embroidered to identify the wearer as an army member. The Luftwaffe sports shirt insignias were sewn down on t-shirts or undershirts that were worn during sports. They were originally issued on the M35 shirts during the Second World War.

German Army shirts are available in army surplus stores, and they are also manufactured as look-alikes in all sizes. The various insignia-patterns are also available via several online stores. People tend to show their love for the military by wearing army shirts, and hence they are reproduced with customized designs, even for children. The camouflage pattern is a favorite among all regardless of the age and gender.

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