German Army Parka Jackets

A German Army parka is a sturdy, long hooded jacket that covers the whole core of the body, and is insulated with a lining of down, fur, flannel or a suitable synthetic material for providing warmth and protection from cold weather. Read our guide fo

Parkas were originally worn by the Arctic people, and were made as pullover-type outer garments from caribou skin, with a lining of fur around the hood. The idea was that skin of the arctic animals, which kept them warm, could keep humans warm as well.  The modern versions, such as the German Army parka, comprise parka jackets with down-fillings and synthetic fillings.  Traditional parkas reach down below the knees, designed to suit outdoors, comprising snow-clad and extremely cold wildernesses.

Materials and patterns used in German Army parkas

German Army parkas have the robust features of military jackets, as they are made from durable materials to endure tough weather, while giving warmth and comfort to the wearer. Technological advancement has allowed the use of fabrics with hydrophobic properties, besides allowing breathability. Made of fast-wicking and waterproof outer fabrics, these parkas are lined with fleece, comprising natural down, synthetic down or fur. A water-resistant shell would suit wet weather, and a fleece-liner would be best for a colder temperature with dry air. They are also available as reversible garments, with different patterns on each side.

Features of German Army parka

The German Army parka comes with a hood that can be fastened with drawstrings, and zippers with press studs. It also has an adjustable waist string and Velcro adjustable cuffs. Underarm zippered vents are also provided for aeration. It may have shoulder patches and inner pockets, besides having large-sized outer pockets. The lower pockets on the outside also help in keeping the hands warm.

The aesthetic and functional features of these parkas are remarkable. Besides the aforementioned features of warmth, breathability and water-repellence, they come in plain colors or with patterns. The reversible one may have a green or brown pattern on the outside and some other pattern or color on the reversible inside. Olive green and sage green are some of the standard colors, while other colors such as grey, deep blue or black are also used. Camouflage patterns, characteristic of military jackets, are also commonly used. The Fleck tarn camouflage typifies a German Army jacket.

Uses and maintenance of the parka

German Army parkas are mostly designed for outdoor activities on mountain slopes, for snowboarders and skiers. They are light and comfortable, keeping the wearer warm and dry. They are also suitable for fishing and hunting activities. Down-lined parkas are much lighter and resilient compared to synthetic-liners. This is because down traps air to retain warmth; and it must be protected from moisture, sunlight and compression. Proper maintenance ensures longevity. These parkas can be stored by hanging loose or wrapping to form a loose bundle. They should not be tightly compressed or kept in sealed plastic covers.

As a modern equivalent of the Inuit pullover, the German Army parka could be the best garment to be hung in one’s closet for cold winters. They provide reliable insulation during very low temperatures, and last for very long.

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