German Army Undershirt

The German Army undershirt, a pullover type shirt worn under the field uniform, provided warmth during winter, and was good enough to form a coatless uniform during summer. Read our guide for more facts and information…

German Army uniforms comprise the field uniform as well as the service uniform. While the service uniform was attractive and motivating for the soldiers to progress and receive awards and promotions, the field uniform had similar features but was practically designed for the battle field. The design was thoughtful with regard to comfort, ventilation, utility and security during various weather conditions and in different terrains. Undershirts were particularly designed to provide thermal efficiency during winter and coolness during summer.

Standard German Army undershirt

Prior to 1943, undershirts used by German soldiers were full-sleeved collarless pullover type shirts; but in 1943, they were replaced by collared undershirts with breast pockets. The collared shirts had two buttons, and were retained as pullover types. The presence of a collar necessitated the requirement of a sweat band within the collar of the outer coat. The undershirt collar extended above the coat collar, but when the top button and collar hooks were open, its collar was over the coat collar. A black necktie was worn with the undershirt, which remained gray till 1944. After that it was changed to green to match the field uniform. It even formed a coatless summer uniform.

Fabric used to make undershirts for German soldiers

With a standard gray or olive green color, they were made of tricot fabric. They had a stretchy characteristic, designed to fit close to the body to provide adequate heat insulation in cold weather. In hot weather, the fabric was efficient in absorbing sweat well enough. These undershirts were long enough to be tucked inside the trousers conveniently.

Contemporary German Army undershirts

Cold-weather undershirts are usually presented in green cotton with high zip-up collars and long sleeves. The cuffs are elasticated for more comfort. Short-sleeved T-shirts are close-fitting, with reinforced sleeves and necks. Dry-tech materials are used in some models, which are worn under the outer garment as a workout shirt. They have moisture-wicking properties so that the body is kept away from moisture and the material also dries quickly. Apart from the olive drab, these undershirts are also available in a few interesting colors, including the camouflage Fleck tarn shades.

Combat undershirts are also available with flame resistant properties and come in a few sizes, colors and patterns. Made of unique flame-resistant fabrics, they are lightweight, moisture-wicking and breathable, providing protection without compromising on comfort.

German Army undershirts are renowned for their quality and design, made of fabrics that are safe on the skin. Besides their availability in army surplus stores, they are also manufactured as reproduction army clothing and are available in various online stores.

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