Traditional Spanish Costume

Looking for a traditional Spanish costume? Want to know what’s in a Spanish dancer costume? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Spain is a country with a rich historic past. Their rich culture is seen in the numerous festivals and celebrations that are observed in the different states of Spain to commemorate memorable events in their historic cultural calendar. Some of these celebrations include commemorations of historic battles in centuries gone by. Many of these cultural occasions present opportunities to wear traditional Spanish costumes.

Traditional Spanish Costumes

Spain being a force in European fashion as far back as the 16th century introduced a number of innovations to costumes of that time. Traditional Spanish costumes of that time included a cape, farthingale and corset which was usually bell-shaped with a high neckline with a doublet and trunk like hose. The shirt and chemise was usually white with black silk embroidery decorations known as the Spanish Blackwork. Traditional Spanish costumes were usually worn during festivals and the famous Spanish bullfights. The matadors had special costumes which were worn into the ring.

Over the years traditional Spanish costumes worn by the matadors have remained largely unchanged. The cloak or cape de paseo is used for the matador’s ceremonial ring entry. The cloak has numerous pretty decorations and a cutino semi collar while the rest of the cape was made up of satin or silk jacket and breaches. These are also rich in gold or silver thread decorations with a distinctive black cap. The matador also wore a long sash called the Faja around his waist.

Spanish Dancer & Senorita Costumes

Other traditional Spanish costumes include the Sombrero and the traditional flamenco. Ideas for a traditional Spanish costume can be drawn from the people and events of Spain’s rich history. Costumes can be patterned after the attire of soldiers, bandits, peasants and church personalities from the past.  There are matador costumes, costumes patterned after Spanish senoritas or Spanish Latino dancers. The internet is filled with online stores advertising and selling Spanish traditional costumes. These are good sources for original traditional Spanish costumes or for costume ideas if you decide to do one yourself.


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