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German daggers are still very popular with collectors today. Ranging from the prewar era to the post-World War II era, there are amazing styles of daggers available. From the commemorative land and customs department daggers, the German SS and military daggers to the German youth daggers, it is possible to find exclusive and unique pieces of each style for the right price.

German dagger parts are also very popular when collectors have the entire range of daggers available to them. Some of them are interested in carrying a collection of German dagger parts for unique and exclusive pieces. These are also available from selective retailers and most of them are certified in terms of their origin and authenticity. A lot of fakes have been developed over the years but there are certain collectors who have a keen eye and know what to look for when purchasing German parts. Therefore, it has become easier to purchase these parts due to collectors being able to identify the authenticity.

German Dagger Parts for Sale

One of the most popular ones is the cross guard from the German Army’s World War II era officers dagger cross guard. This carries the Eagle and swastika signs on the cross guard. There was a special World War II era German Hitler youth diamond that was found on the handle of the Hitler youth knife. The insignia of the youth knife has a small chip on its enamel but is overall available in very good condition. It is also RZM marked to certify the insignia and has all its clips to attach it to the knife in a complete and intact form.

Another important part available for sale is from the World War II standard issue German Luftwaffe or Air Force Officer’s Dagger. This is the hanger set for the dagger and is available in very fine condition. Even the cross guard for the World War II era German Navy dagger is popular with collectors. Another rare item that is on the market is the DJ Dagger scabbard, also belonging to the World War II era. It still has an intact leather hanger. Other parts include the officers dagger pommel belonging to the Luftwaffe from the World War II era, a blade of the Army Officers Dagger that is maker marked with the insignia of A.W. Jr. Solingen. The hanger for the SA Stormtroopers Dagger from the World War II era also fetches a good price. Apart from this the portepee knot of the bayonet, which is an infantry Regt issue from World War II, has a green cord and a silver knot along with the slide and green topping. It is also possible to find German Army Officers and the Luftwaffe Dagger Scabbard. Another dagger hanger with the L2 marking on the leather belongs to the German SA Stormtroopers. Even the German sword Knot and the dagger knot are available from the World War II era.

The dagger knot is considered an Army style knot but has a short cord that was found specifically on the army daggers. In some conditions it was also available and used on the German SS daggers. There were special dagger hangers for the German army considered as the deluxe model.

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