Crochet Prairie Star Afghan Patterns

There are two popular types of instructions for star afghans. To find out how to use the prairie pattern read our guide…

A single 5 pointed star in the center of an afghan is referred to as a lone star afghan pattern, but 6 pointed stars whether created as a single center star or stars throughout the afghan are called crochet prairie star afghan patterns.

As a rule, crochet prairie star afghan patterns are made in several colors, although it is possible to work them in 2 colors. Diamond shaped motifs are crochet and joined together to form the pattern. These crochet patterns are taken from classic quilt patterns popular in colonial times.

To create the star, diamond shaped motifs are joined together. Two different motifs are required to create an afghan. The diamonds are worked in one color and the square motifs are worked in another. Six diamonds are joined along the long side to create the six pointed star. To make the star larger, 12 more diamonds are added between the points of each star. 24 additional diamonds are added to fill in between each of the twelve diamonds, then 12 diamonds are added between each grouping of two diamonds followed by 6 diamonds between each of the twelve diamonds to create the 6 points of the prairie star afghan pattern.

The square motifs are joined together to form larger squares and attached between the points of the star to form a hexagon. The squares are crocheted in the background color.

Snowflake afghan patterns often use the 6 pointed prairie star as the shape for the snowflake. These usually only use 6 white diamonds attached to form the star with a darker background color, often red, blue or dark green. They are created in smaller hexagons and joined to form the afghan. Many traditional crochet afghan patterns mimic traditional patchwork quilts and are worked in small motifs. Small square crochet motifs are often used to create the nine patch or Irish chain afghans which also look like quilt tops.

The crochet prairie star afghan may be worked in worsted weight yarn, but for a more delicate appearance sport weight yarn is preferred. It can use as few as two colors, or as many as 6 for a single, large center star. A number of free patterns for this popular afghan style are available online and these often provide graphs for placement of the motifs and instructions for finishing the edges of the afghan.

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