German Mantel Clocks

Looking for antique German mantel clocks? Learn more about high quality and precision German mantel and bracket clocks…

Germany is known for its pioneering efforts in the development of high-quality mantel and cuckoo clocks from as far back as the 16th century. Today there are beautiful antique pieces and replicas available from the family of manufacturers who have passed down the craft from generation to generation. The clocks also have different chiming features.

German Mantel Clock

One of the clocks made by Gustav Becker dating back to 1930 is encased in solid mahogany and has a striking mechanism. This German mantel clock is exceptionally well-crafted. The gong strikes every half hour. It has the silver dial which is engraved. This is a favorite of collectors.

One of the Westminster chiming German mantel clocks crafted by leading clockmaker Junghans dates back to circa 1930. It is available for sale in Melbourne today and has a gong with a loud and clear hourly strike and beautiful quarter hour chimes. The original mahogany case has been maintained very well and it has engravings on the silver dial.
One of the small size German mantel clocks by Junghans is available in an original walnut case in mint condition. The timber case has a very silky patina and feels smooth to the touch. The enamel dial is in mint condition and the hands move very smoothly. It follows the 8 day gong strike movement and dates back to circa 1900.

Bracket Clock

Another style of the beautiful German clock is the Junghans bracket clock. This is the clock set with brass columns in a mahogany case. There is a very stunning inlay under the dial. The clock has an 8 day gong strike movement and dates back to circa 1920 but is still in very good condition.

Encased in a tiny and attractive mahogany case, one of the most beautiful bracket clocks from German manufacturers has been finished with a silver dial that has engravings on it. It has been fitted with the bim bam striking on gongs which announce the quarter hour and also has an 8 day movement. The gongs are very stylish and look beautiful.

Ansonia Marble Clock

Another classic German timepiece is the Ansonia marble clock. It has the visible escapement and is crafted with striking green marble columns and the top panel. Known as the El Norte, this model was made as late as 1901. The strike movement is the eight days gong.

Taking Care of the Mantel Clock

The German mantel clock must be wound on a weekly basis, which is why they are called 8 day movement clocks. These clocks were manufactured in Germany and last for generations. They do not require much maintenance save oiling every few years. Complete maintenance and cleaning every 10 years should also be scheduled. The value of these clocks depends on their condition and properly maintained and well serviced clocks will fetch a very high price.

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