Dining Room China Cabinet

Interested in buying a dining room China cabinet? Discover the exclusiveness of this classic furniture item from China in our information guide.

If you are looking to prop up your dining room the China cabinets made specifically for this purpose can work wonders. The thing that sets dining room China cabinets apart is the fact that they carry immense artistic value while being extremely practical at the same time.

The oriental touch that you will be able to add to your dining room will create a totally different ambiance. It will bring that cultural flavor and richness which is associated with the Chinese culture into your dining room. Behind the surface the cabinet will help you to store all your serving dishes and other cutlery items while on the surface it will also give you the chance to display some chinaware or other collectable items.

Some examples of the kinds of dining room China cabinet available in the market are as follows:

The Master Buffet

Rich with oriental intricate carving details and a sophisticated white finish this is one dining room cabinet that will literally liven up your dinners. The exquisite combination makes the master buffet an ideal addition to any dining room.

The cabinet has been made using rock solid veneers ensuring stability and durability through the coming years. The touch canister lighting featured on the master buffet is another unique feature that adds value to the item. The incorporation of the mirror on the back creates a marvelous lighting effect which serves to accentuate the display.

Drawers, shelves and hidden trays provide for plenty of storage space making it a utility plus fashion cabinet. The metal hardware on the drawers and hidden trays further adds to the stability of the product. The master buffet is a classic addition with which to give your dining room an oriental touch of elegance.

The North Shore China Buffet

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this dining room China cabinet is its deep stained finish that adds a touch of oriental antiquity. Couple that up with exquisite detailed carving and you have a luxurious cabinet in retro traditional design. The ornate appliqués and the decorative plasters work wonders combined with the opulent brown finish.

In terms of storage the cabinet is decked with three drawers along with glass shelving on the top. The interior lighting and mirror back are other aspects of the dining room China cabinet that raise its value. Lastly the use of antique finish hardware completes this classic Chinese masterpiece making it a fine monument of Chinese artistry and carpentry.

Tuscano China w/Buffet

With the traditional finish and beveled glass the Tuscano is another excellent dining room China cabinet. It has a rather contemporary design but retains those essential oriental elements such as the finish, carving and construction of the cabinet.

The ball bearing drawer glides, dovetail joins and glass back are some of the features that give the Tuscano its distinctive Chinese appeal. One of the most valued features of this dining room China cabinet is its internal illumination options. The cabinet allows you to set three different moods with its touch screen lighting panel making it a great fusion of traditional style and modern technology.

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