German Pendulum Wall Clocks

Interested in the German pendulum wall clock? Learn more about the amazing pendulum German wall clocks which are collector’s items…

The German pendulum wall clock history dates back to the pre-World War I era. One of the most amazing wall clock movements is found in the antique Howard Miller New Haven serial number 620-196. It is available in a slightly distressed condition. There are four carved overlays which accent the pediment and base while there is a dentil molding above the dial. This interesting dial has a soft and aged design which is brushed with an antiqued brass finished bezel.

The fluted columns frame the front opening beveled glass door. Inside, the clock reveals a brass pendulum which has been brushed and highlighted to superior finish. The pendulum German wall clock is finished in the New Haven style on high quality hardwood and veneers. It is key wound and features the Westminster chime movement. It also has the option for chime silence and is equipped with durable bronze bushings. The size for the pendulum wall clock is 36-3/4″ in height and 16″ of width while the depth is 7-1/2 inches and these collector items range from $1500-$2000 net.

Sternreiter Ithaca Calendar Clock

Another beautiful Sternreiter Ithaca Calendar Clock has the key wind feature and is a reproduction wall clock. It has tracking features for individual days, dates and months along with an eight day movement which means that it needs to be wound after every week. This German pendulum wall clock is actually a reproduction of the 19th Century Seth Thomas, No. 7 Calendar Clock.

It has hinged Bezels which are front opening and allow convenient access to both the upper and lower dials. It is crafted out of select hardwoods and finished in American Cherry and can also be acquired in American Oak. The key wound movement can count the hour and the clock strikes on every half-hour. The two jeweled movement is the eight day movement with the Westminster chime on it rods and also has the  lever switch to turn off the chimes. This reproduction is also made in Germany and comes with a two-year warranty for the clock movement.

German Pendulum Wall Clock

Another popular German pendulum wall clock is the Howard Miller Lewis, serial number 613-637 clock that is a key wind wall clock made in Germany. This unique clock features a very beautifully crafted dentil molding on the profiled pediment. Each corner of the wall clock features hand rubbed maple and ebony parquetry. The Roman numerals are printed in solid black on the white dial while the hour and minute hands have the serpentine shape. The locked doors have a polished brass German lyre pendulum. The wall clock is crafted out of selective hardwood and has a finishing in Windsor Cherry and unique veneers.

The locking door is very beautifully crafted and the clock is fitted with a chime silencing option and durable bronze bushings. The pendulum wall clock is made in Germany and has a triple chime movement. The chimes include the St. Michael’s, Westminster and Whittington melodies which can be set with the simple motion of sliding the selector lever.

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