Medical Air Transport Northern California

Need emergency medical air transport in Northern California? Learn more about the Northern California medical air transport emergency facilities…

The many superb facilities for medical care air transport in Northern California are managed by independent companies. Well known companies include, Cal Star, Access Traveler, Reach Medical Services and AA MedsTrans. They are recognized as the leading providers of emergency medical services and air transport.

Children’s Hospital Transport Team

The Children’s Hospital Central California has its own active ground and air transport team. The Children’s Hospital Central California has its own medical transport facility that allows for the safe transportation of infants and children from one facility to another.

This service provider is experienced in the transportation of pediatric patients and neonates between hospitals. Considered a mobile ICU unit, the service provider is credited with more than 1500 annual transports, of which one third are medical and two thirds are neonatal.

Patient care capabilities on the Air George emergency helicopter include the pediatric sled. The helicopter is equipped with blended gases, invasive line monitoring devices and respirator and cardiac monitoring devices. The transthoracic pacing equipment, defibrillation equipment and cardioversion machinery are also available on the plane. Pprovisions for neonatal and pediatric ventilation are also accounted for. Four full-time pilots are available on call in the hospital. This can facilitate emergency operations of lifting pediatric patients.

Independent Service Providers for Air Medical Transport

Independent air ambulances like the Schaeffer air ambulance are considered the Van Nuys air and ground transport. The Aeromedevac is a medical evacuation service that provides facilities for air ambulances in San Diego. CAL Star is known for servicing Hayward while Medi-flight provides emergency air transport services in Modesto and PHI air medical of California. Brookings OR is serviced by Calore life flight, while Golden State air works in Bakersfield only.

Collaboration between Hospital and Air Medical Transportation Units

The area  of Santa Rosa is serviced by Reach Air Medical Services, which has recently partnered with the Antelope Valley Hospital located in Lancaster, California to provide 24/7 emergency services via helicopter. The Antelope Valley is an outlying area in Northern California. The multiyear contract agreement between the companies offers services to this remote area in Northern California.

Reach Medical Services are headquartered in Santa Rosa in California. Their service is operated in Concorde, Lakeport, Redding and Sacramento. The wide non-emergency medical transportation service uses rotor helicopters as well as fixed wing air planes.

They have performed regionally as well as nationally with more than 40,000 air ambulance lifts in three decades. The benefit of using Reach Medical Services is that you do not have any out-of-pocket expenses if you take the service within the areas it operates in. After collaborating with the leading Antelope Valley Hospital in the region, it is a surety for patients that they will get quality care at the dedicated hospital.

The Global Life Flight ambulance services not only the entire North America but also the Caribbean.

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