German POW Names

Looking for German POW name lists? Discover the extensive list of names of German POW or prisoners of war…

The German POW or prisoners of war are perhaps the most overlooked soldiers who were involved in the World War II combat. The degree of horror and torture witnessed by most of them is unbelievable. There are many lists for each of the military units which have been compiled by fellow unit members who have survived.

Most of the German POWs sacrificed their freedom as well as their life to honor their military service and bring honor to the country. There are many books and lists of names compiled trying to appreciate those men who laid down their lives. There are different POW camp lists, photographs, research links and stories of different escapees and evaders who managed to survive the horrors of a prisoner of war camp in Germany during World War II.

Some of the lists include men who were prisoners of war and have been honored for their military service under the 303rd bomb group. This military unit alone had 764 men as prisoners of war and some of them even laid down their lives. There are different classifications when you read the lists today. These include men who died of wounds, those who escaped, the repatriated POWs and those who evaded capture. Also noted are those who were kept in the hospital, and military personnel murdered after capture. Finally military personnel who were on the move to avoid tracing them and foil any attempts for their recovery are also listed.

Comprehensive Details of German POW’s

When you read the lists with the names of the German prisoner of war the entire ranks, position, pilot name, date of capture and fate are listed out.

Some of the prisoners of war include Abernathy, Milton B who was the Second LT in the Navy and was a prisoner of war on six February 1944 in Camp One. Paul W. Abernathy who was a Senior Sgt. became a prisoner of war on August 19, 1943 in Camp 17B. Bill G. Addison met the same fate and became a prisoner of war on November 29, 1943 but his camp was unknown. Sgt. Lloyd L. Albern, who held the position of the BTG, was captured and made prisoner of war on September 12, 1944. Robert C. Altizer and Francis D. Anderson, both Senior Sergeants, were captured on April 4, 1943 and November 5, 1943 and were held in Samp 17 B and  3/17 B respectively.

The bombardier Leonhard C. Applequist was a Sgt. and was piloted by Palmer, who was captured on 25 June 1943. Following this the navigation control second defendant George L. Arvenites was also captured in March 26, 1944 and held at Camp One. Radio pilot and senior Sgt. Robert H. Asman was also taken as prisoner around the same time. It is a well-known fact that Sgt. Melvin C. Carlson was killed in action after being taken in as prisoner of war on April 17, 1945.

Some of the well-known camps were 17B, One, Camp four, 3 x 17 B, 3S – 7A, 13 D, Camp Six, 7A, Camp Three, 18B and 3W. From January 1944 to the end of the year many of the Sgts. and Senior Sergeants were captured and kept in confinement including the likes of Raymond E. Cadlolo, Paul W. Campbell, Michael J. Canale, William D. Carey, Paul P. Carissimo and many other brave military men.

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