Russian River Camping California

The Russian River has been an excellent place for vacationing, especially during summer, over several decades. Read our guide for more facts and information about the Russian River camping…

Camping brings an air of liveliness into the mind, as life and nature blend together. Besides the scenic beauty, the songs of birds and rippling water, the campground on the Russian River banks is well-organized, and visitors get a chance to fish as well as wade in the waters.

The Russian River

The Russian River located in California’s Sonoma County is a renowned tourist destination, with lots of outdoor activities. The towns along the river and its valley pose an authentic charm. The river spills into the Pacific Ocean, and the Sonoma coastline is home to the seaside community, consisting of kayakers, retirees and even wine lovers. Most of the legendary cities of Russia, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, are situated on the banks of the waterway, which links the Baltic Sea and Black Sea.  The Volga River is among the main attractions, and voyage on cruise ships across Eurasia and Russia is interesting. Canoe or Kayak trips are favorable from April to October, when the river is slower.

Camping on the Russian River

Amidst hills and wineries, the Russian River Valley has numerous RV camping facilities, and the region between Guerneville town and the Rio Dell village has the most campsites on the Russian River. The area is a few miles from the regions’ largest city namely, Santa Rosa. Redwood trees are prominent in the campsites. The Mirabel Trailer Park is near the river, while the Korbel winery is near Guerneville.

The Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve in the proximity of the river has thick redwood forests and numerous hiking trails, while the Austin Creek recreation area near the river has lighter forests, meadows and hills. They are excellent for camping. The beaches at the mouth of the river feature huge boulders and incredible cliffs and cloves. The Sonoma coast has a few campgrounds, such as the Willow Creek Environmental Camp and Wright’s Beach. Schoolhouse Canyon Campground is exclusively for children and the Hilton Park Campground offers resort facilities with a restaurant.

Activities at Russian River campsites

The Wine Country Camping Resort offers spa, and hot tub with video game arcade and shopping facilities. The Lake Mendocino Recreation Area offers activities like boating and hiking, amidst waterfront camping. Fishing is possible in the river all through the year, while tubing is famous during summer. The place offers a picturesque setting for photography, and beautiful water birds like herons and egrets offer an interesting bird-watching experience.

Driving through the redwoods or Sonoma’s vineyards would make a memorable trip. Restaurants with local fish varieties and meat offer exquisite cuisine. Special events take place during particular seasons, like the Redwood Forest Theater’s Old Grove Festival and Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival of September; and Russian Rodeo of June. Hiking, swimming and canoeing are other fun activities.

The picturesque Russian River and its connection to the Pacific Ocean offer an ever changing landscape, with redwood forests and foggy skies, which seem still and serene, almost like painted scenery.

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