German Shepherd Dog Names

Looking for German Shepherd dog names? Learn more about unique and cool names used for German Shepherd dogs…

If you’re looking for a unique and cool name for your pet German Shepherd, then German names are ideal. Interestingly enough the Germans don’t name their pets with German names. They look for more generic names like Asterix, Cool Catch, Blitz and Lightning. These names are interesting and unique. There are different German pet names created from a list of German names and are commonly used for German shepherds. There are also many non-German names that are used for the German Shepherd, but if you are residing anywhere other than Germany it is a good idea to name the dog with a name from its country of origin. Names like Elfriede, Mozart and Beethoven are perfect because they are recognized all over the world.

Suitable German shepherd Names

If you are certain that your German Shepherd has a smooth personality and personifies freedom then perhaps you can name him with the German word for an eagle which is Adler.

Common names like Bello or Hasso can also be used, however they are not popular in Germany anymore. They’re considered as commonplace as Spot and Tabby or Fido in the English language. Some of the common names for the German Shepherd include Ajax, Angel, Babe, Blue, Chaos and even Charlie and Cheese. Another popular German name for the German Shepherd can be Franz. It is a good idea to go with the name that suits the personality of the pet.

German Names for German Shepherds

If you’re interested in literary figures then there are a number of options to choose from in terms of the German notables. Names like Freud, Goethe and Kafka along with Siggi which can be a pet name for the dog called Sigmund. For lovers of music names like Amadeus or Mozart and even names of German pop singers which include the famous Austrian Falco or the band musician Udo Lindenberg and musician Nena are some good choices. If you like German literature then why not name your male German Shepherd dog Siegfried. A good option for the female German Shepherd is Kriemhild.

If you want a very light name then why not choose Asterix for a very smart puppy from the cartoon series by the same name. In fact, a robust and large dog like the German Shepherd can easily be named Obelix if it displays a happy-go-lucky nature and loves eating.

Hugo stands for smart while the feminine name Heidi depicts a noble character and Traute can be an affectionate name which means dear or trusted. For a very alert and decisive dog why not go for the strong name of Reinhard which means decisive and strong. Even though manyGermans themselves don’t name their children with these names they still make perfect options for the German Shepherd dogs.

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