Irish Setter Stud Dogs

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Setter Stud Dogs

The Irish setter was developed in Ireland chiefly as a hunting dog and for pointing out upland game birds. A swift and athletic dog, the Irish setter is called Madra Rua, or ‘red dog’, in reference to its red mane which is long and silken. Irish setter stud dogs are used for breeding purposes to maintain the genetic purity of the dogs. Pure-bred Irish setter dogs will inherit the red fur it is famous for as well as the traits of speed and agility that it excels in.

Irish setter stud dogs are not suitable as household pets as these dogs have been selected for their superior genes most often as a result of being a prize-winning dog at many canine shows or field hunting championships. In the US, Irish setter dogs are favorite sporting dogs. Aristocrats of bygone eras often resorted to Irish setters for hunting in wide areas as the dogs do not tire easily and are well suited for the open field.

Irish setter stud dogs are reared for breeding reasons and are usually past their prime as show dogs. They are still in top condition however and stand out from the crowd as quality dogs. Ideally, the Irish setter stud should be two years old and have a certificate from a qualified vet that it is free from bone or joint disease.

Hip dysplaxia is a common problem for pure-bred Irish setters, and a veterinarian’s certification is critical to confirm the dogs are suitable as stud dogs. Irish setter stud dogs may suffer from retinal atrophy, a disease inherent with this particular breed. Thus the stud dogs must have their eyesight thoroughly checked before being brought out to the stud farm.

Stud Dogs Pedigree

Irish setter stud dogs must mate with female Irish setters to produce pedigree pups. The owners of the female dogs will attribute abnormalities in the pups to the stud dogs. Hence the stud dogs must be of exceptional quality and the mating process must be monitored carefully to prevent undesirable occurrences.

Irish setter stud dogs are excellent to propagate this fascinating breed of dog for its competitive spirit, speed and agility. Ensure that stud dogs are free from disease to produce healthy pedigree pups.

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