Italian Dog Names

Just bought a dog? Want to give it a special Italian name? Whether your dog is an Italian breed or not, our guide to Italian dog names provides you with several great names to choose from as well as information on meanings.
Italian Dog Names

People tend to have many different fantasies overtime. These days the world at large has developed a particular liking for Italian names. It’s difficult to say what the exact mystery behind this obsession is but the virus seems to be contagious.

In the good old days Italian names were pretty much confined within the boundaries of the country but since people have started migrating and there has been an increase in the intermingling of cultures people have become exposed to the unique sounding Italian names.

People have taken to naming their young ones with Italian names thinking it adds a unique dimension to their personality or for the other more obvious reason that it sounds good. But by no means is the use of Italian names restricted to human beings because people have started taking on Italian names for their dogs as well.

Common Italian Dog Names

Italy is home to some very interesting species of dogs. The most popular amongst them is the Italian Greyhound. Then there is the Italian Pointing dog, Italian Segugiocoarse and the Wire-haired Dog. An Italian dog name for a dog with an Italian origin makes sense but by no means is it necessary to own a dog with an Italian origin to give it an Italian name.

There are a thousand and one reasons why you would want to give a dog of any breed an Italian name.

Gerodi is an Italian name that means Hero, now wouldn’t that suit a guard dog of any breed. Then you have names like Aberto which means noble. People are fond of keeping Italian names that have virtuous meanings for their dogs.

Popular Italian female and male Dog Names

  • Gerodi;
  • Aberto;
  • Rufina;
  • Enea;
  • Roma;
  • Esta;
  • Tino;
  • Tito.

There are other Italian dog names that are relative to some special characteristics of the dogs. A red haired dog may be called Rufina as it carries the meaning of being red-haired.

Some names can be relative to the particular circumstances in which the dog is born. For example Enea is a popular Italian dog name which means “Born ninth”.

There are Italian dog names like Roma which determine the place of origin of the beast, which in this case is from Rome.

The origin may not be as specific in some names like Esta which simply means from the East. Tino and Tito are two opposite Italian dog names one meaning small and the other Giant and these are examples of names that are kept according to the physical characteristics of the dogs.

The internet offers a huge data bank of unique sounding Italian dog names so much so that one is likely to be overwhelmed with the variety that he will find. But if you follow some elementary guidelines you can end up with the perfect Italian name for whatever breed of dog that you own.

The first and foremost thing to remember is that the simpler the name the better it is.

Usually a couple of syllables will work out to form the best name. The name should be such that it is easily recognized and easy to call out at the same time.

Furthermore it should be relative to your dog for example if your have a guard dog then it should have a meaning that will suit his purpose.

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