Ghana Fashion Industry

The fashion industry in Ghana is well on its way to becoming an international platform for amazing fashion and design, which plays an integral role in boosting the overall economy of the West African nation. Ghana’s fashion industry has in recent years been growing at a fast pace, and has witnessed an increase in the diversity of fashion designers, festivals, styles and trends as highlighted below.


Fashion designers in Ghana typically showcase their collections during various events in the year. One of the highlights of the Ghana fashion industry is the glam and glitzy fashion festival “Fashion Night Out” which showcases the very latest creations for Ghana’s most prolific designers. Another fashion festival worth checking out is the international trade fair that features clothing, fashion accessories and exhibits from nearly 150 Ghanaian fashion exhibitors. If you are looking for a designer, Nina is an up and coming Ghanaian designer who crafts with the modern woman in mind. Look out for her collection which uses clothing to speak of comfort and freedom of expression.


The Ghana Fashion & Design Week was first held in 2012 and it stressed on the need for ethical fashion development procedures. Rather than only present various catwalk shows, the event also organized educative seminars on a range of topics relating to the fashion industry. This was primarily in response to the move towards ethically produced fashion in Ghana by designers and other key players in the Ghanaian fashion industry. The aim is to try and establish a platform that makes it easier for fashion lovers to shop from ethical fashion labels and for international fashion businesses to source and purchase from Ghana.

In a bid to create awareness and support ethical fashion and sustainability development in Ghana, the Ghana Fashion & Design Week set up the ETHIKHA platform. ETHIKA’s primary role is to embrace social enterprise businesses and product designers who have an environmental or social mission for sustainability. This platform has support from Ethical Fashion Ghana and is set to create interesting opportunities that directly involve community experience for all participants involved.


Accra, the capital city of Ghana is home to an impressive lineup of fashion events throughout the year. Ghana Fashion & Design Week is Ghana’s most contemporary fashion showcase which aims at attracting international interest in the works and collections of Ghanaian designers. This international resource for creative design talent has been behind the launch of new and emerging fashion designers from Ghana to an international audience. This fashion festival incorporates a superb display of fashion shows, as well as a creative exhibition hub that offers an opportunity for Ghanaian fashion businesses to exhibit their collections and products alongside the catwalk shows.


One of the leading fashion brands for ladies fashion in Ghana is Duaba Serwaa. Ladies’ outfits by Duaba Serwaa are famous for their trademark beading work. These uniquely African creations feature a touch of contemporary designs that give the brand a luxurious appeal. Duaba Serwaa is the ideal fashion label for ladies who are bold, yet prefer understatements to flamboyant extravagance.


Men’s fashion in Ghana is a balance between smart/casual and features classic wearable pieces, as well as sharp, simple evening and formal wear. Fashion for men is crisp sharp tailoring that is befitting for the young, modern and intuitive Ghanaian man who enjoys taking a look in the mirror one more time before they step out. The name Adrien Sauvage is synonymous with men’s fashion in Ghana. The London-based designer of Ghanaian descent is recognized for his intrinsic elegant collections of contemporary tailoring. On the other hand, casual wear for men in Ghana features a mixture of stylish shirts, snapbacks and funky baseball caps in bright color palettes of blue, yellow and white.


Models are an integral part of the Ghanaian fashion industry and can be seen sashaying down the runway at various fashion events throughout the year. Before hitting the runway, the look of every model is revamped by hair and makeup designers who bring their artistic expertise to life.


Ghanaian fashion styles tend to feature elegant fabrics with African prints which are forever close to the hearts of Africans. Ghanaian catwalks and runways are today showcasing colorful fabrics with many ethnic patterns that are produced in Africa, including batiks and mud cloth. These prints are used in ball gowns, ladies dresses, men’s shirts and a wide range of both casual and formal wears. But that’s not all; these fabrics are also popular in making bags, bangles, shoes, earrings and other fashion accessories.


Designers in Ghana can study at various design schools where they learn important topics relating to the business of fashion industry development. Aspiring fashion designers in Ghana can also benefit from free inspirational seminars during the Ghana Fashion & Design Week. Educative seminars are typically hosted by Ghanaian fashion industry experts and are designed as a platform for the transfer of knowledge and to empower and inspire both existing and future designers. Industry experts involved are both from Ghana and beyond and offer a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience which adds priceless value to the development of the Ghana fashion industry.


The current trends in Ghanaian fashion feature an eclectic mix of collections from both designers and exhibitors. Here you can expect to find a display of innovative garments created out of hair, unlike anything that you have seen before. There is also a lot of beading, turbans, vibrant printed fabrics and floor sweeping gowns that will blow any fashionista away. Ghanaian fashion can never tire of African prints which can be seen fused to create a fresh, youthful look for the season. Current fashion trends comprise primarily of simple lines which are complimented by a mix of colorful print fabrics.

The Ghanaian fashion industry has in recent years managed to place Ghana on the fashion map with the rest of the world. This is primarily due to its drive to deliver couture without compromising on style and quality.

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