Pelion Mountains in Greece

Not only are the Pelion Mountains one of the most beautiful areas in Greece, but they are also the source of great legends and folk tales.

The Pelion Mountains skirt one of the most beautiful and diverse areas of Greece. Pelion, the home of the legendary Centaurs and the place where the Gods held their weddings and celebrations, is green all year round. The visitor to the Pelion Mountains in Greece can enjoy its majestic scenes and wonderful views in warm climates and endless sunshine from May onwards; swim in the crystalline waters, walk the beautiful Pelion mountain paths or just while away the time being waited upon in the many tavernas’ bordering the Pelion coast tasting the excellent cuisine and looking out to sea. To add to the magic individuals visiting this part of Greece might, and often do, if they watch carefully, see Dolphins frolicking in the beautiful Pagasic Gulf.   The many villages higher up in the Pelion hills will offer the visitor a warm welcome too and each has its own individual character.

If the visitor cannot bear to part with this lovely part of Greece in Pelion they can see in the winter and take advantage of the spectacular views across the snow-capped Mountains as they ski down their gentle slopes and take part in the winter sports.

Flights to Pelion take the visitor to Volos in Greece which is a lively and interesting city with a mix of ancient history and fast moving modern life. As with the rest of Greece there are wonderful eateries around the busy harbour and plenty of shops to tempt the visitor before embarking upon the journey along the coast road out to the Pelion Mountains, where colourful boats rock gently in the clear waters, reflecting the Mountains.

It is easy to rent a car in Volos or any of the small towns and villages along the Pelion coast and the winding, twisting, sometimes hairy journey, across the mountains takes the visitor over to the Aegean coast with its silver beaches of white pebbles and aqua seas.

A drive along the eastern coast road of Pelion will take the visitor to this wild and lonely part of the area with its tiny coves and wonderful views across the Mountians.

It is possible in Pelion to find lively resorts and equally possible to find peace and tranquillity for those who just want to drink in the beauty of the Pelion mountains and coast line and lose themselves in dreams of ancient god’s and a slow gentle pace of life, so typical of Pelion.

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