Breckenridge Film Festival

Situated deep in the Colorado Mountains, Breckenridge is a favorite destination for skiing, snowboarding and other Winter sports. However, there is far more to this little town than just those activities – it also has a rich cultural history, and each year Breckenridge is home to the Breckenridge Festival of Film. Founded way back in 1981, the Breckenridge Film Festival is one of the oldest in the country…

From June 7 to June 10, 2012, Breckenridge will be hosting the 32nd Annual Breckenridge Festival of Film, a celebration of the arts. The Festival of Film aims to inspire, entertain and educate the community through the medium of film and enrich the lives of everyone in Summit County. As well as screening popular Hollywood movies, the film festival also provides an opportunity for independent film makers to screen their films to a large audience, so gaining great exposure.

Film Workshops

The film festival is not only about watching films, either – participants have the chance to join interactive workshops and meet film makers, actors and actresses face to face. There are also a range of exciting after-parties and activities such as film makers forums, a networking brunch and an awards ceremony.

Independent Films

This year, the film festival is screening close to 100 films, both Colorado Hollywood premiers and independent films. The independent film line up is available for viewing on the Breckenridge festival of film website, while the premier films will only be announced in the week before the festival. The gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community will also be recognized with a series of GLBT films that are being screened, for the 9th consecutive year. The GLBT films aim to bring up issues and subjects that are as diverse as the community which it represents, and as such hopes to encourage acceptance and non-discrimination in the community.


The film festival is being held in assorted venues across the town, with most films being screened in either the Speakeasy Movie Theatre or the Breckenridge Theatre. Other events and movie screenings will be taking place in venues such as Blue River Bistro, Burke and Riley’s, Liquid Lounge and River Mountain Lodge. For the full schedule of events, visit the film festival website on the link provided.

If you would like to experience the Breckenridge Film Festival for yourself, you can purchase tickets online from the Breckenridge Film Fest website at There are three pre-paid ticket options available – the Peak Ten Pass which allows entry into all the films as well as additional events, after parties and workshops, at a price of $199. The second option is the Peak Nine Pass, which offers priority seating for all films for a price of $149. Finally, if you are only interested in seeing a select number of films, you can purchase a four punch pass which gets you entry into four films for a discounted price of $34. If you would like to purchase individual tickets to see films at the door, you will pay $10 per film.

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