Icelandic Clothing Companies

Icelandic clothing brands have a strong worldwide following. There are currently several Icelandic clothing companies specialising in outdoor clothes to designer cardigans. Read our guide for more reviews, tips, facts & information…

A lot of value is placed on artistry in sweaters, cardigans and jackets in Iceland and many women practice this skill as a hobby. There are many Icelandic clothing companies that are catering to this need as well as bringing a modern touch to the traditional wear.

Icelandic Clothing Brands

Farmers market is an Icelandic design company which began in 2005 and was founded by designer Bergthora Gudnadottir and musician Joel Palsson. They came up with the idea to use organic materials such as the unique Icelandic wool and other raw materials to create a clothing and accessories line. This multifunctional collection can be worn when out in the city as well as for outdoor activities. Their designs are inspired by Iceland’s heritage where animals and men have cohabited to meet the challenges of the harsh nature. Their style rejuvenates the Icelandic traditional designs while combining the Nordic design elements and modernity.

The Icelandic designs offer their clients beautiful sweaters and jackets with intrinsically designed artistry and vivid Icelandic designs. They make pullovers and cardigans by using high quality silk, cotton, wool as well as boiled wools. Their long coats and jackets are handcrafted with a ‘one of a kind’ look and are inspired by Iceland’s marvellous landscapes. Their aim is to combine and harmonize colour, style and pattern to bring together class and comfort for their customers. Their designs are feminine, decorative and creative.

Icelandic Outdoor Clothing

66 ° North is one of Iceland’s oldest manufacturing companies which started in 1926. Today they offer a wide variety of high quality outdoor wear for men, women, children as well as infants. Their selection includes durable clothing such as sweaters, jackets, pants, coats, fleece garments, parkas as well as accessories among other things. In recent years they have gained popularity nationally as well as internationally due to their great variety and quality in clothing and other products for all ages. Today, you have the choice and flexibility to either remain true to the traditional Icelandic wear or opt for the modern twist. There are many Icelandic clothing companies that are catering to both.

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