Adventure Holidays Iceland

Iceland is a great country to visit for an adventure holiday. Many travel guides also refer to Iceland as the “Land of Fire and Ice”. To get more ideas on Icelandic Adventure vacations read our guide for more facts & information…

Iceland Whale Watching

Many whales can be spotted off Iceland’s coast. The coast off Reykjavik and Husavik are major hubs. Some marine mammals that are frequently spotted are the minke, humpback, porpoise, dolphins and killer whales. As your boat sails out to find these colossal marine mammals, you can also enjoy the picturesque snow-topped coastal plateaus and cliffs that line the fjords. A good setting adds to the experience.

Horseback Riding Iceland

From the sea to the countryside, the amazing landscapes and spectacular scenery of Iceland make for an enjoyable horse riding experience. The trail may start at a flat grassy meadow, surrounded by plateaus; and end up in a barren land of black lava sands. You might pass through small streams and shallow lagoon water. Some farmers do sheep round-ups with their horses, they might also invite you to join in and partake in the age-old Icelandic tradition.

Hiking Holidays in Iceland

Volcanic activity has shaped many regions of Iceland’s landmass, and caused many geological formations; an example is the lava fields of Landmannalaugar. What makes Landmannalaugar a tourist destination in Iceland is its mountains that attract many hikers. These tawny coloured mountains are made of volcanic rock.

Hikers might encounter some picturesque landscape like moss-covered hills. The hills and the surrounding terrain of some areas are blanketed with moss. You could look as far as the eye can see and still not spot a tree or shrub in sight. The hills look like gigantic moss-covered stone. This truly is a scenic setting for a great adventure.

Experienced hikers may like to climb the snow-covered Hvannadalshnjúkur, Iceland’s highest mountain.

Another popular climb is Esja, which is near Reykjavik. From Mount Esja one can get a nice view of Reykjavik, across the bay.

Hengill volcano is a popular hiking destination in Iceland. The Hengill area has many hot springs and fumaroles

You might decide to cross the glaciers as part of your adventure holiday in Iceland. You can embark on a hiking journey, through spectacular glacier formations that have wave-like crevasses as obstacles. A trail might take you in-between walls of ice on either side of you. In Svinafellsjökull, located in southeast Iceland, you might encounter some of the rugged “black glacier” landscape. The glaciers have a black colour because they are blanketed with volcanic ash. The volcanic ash even gave the nearby glacier lakes a brown colour.

Trekking Adventure Holidays in Iceland

You can embark on a trekking journey deep into Iceland’s countryside, and view some stunning landscape. A trekking trail can pass through flat, treeless and grassy meadow landscape. Some trails are situated in treeless lava fields, covered in green moss, which brings the landscape to life. A trekker might journey through dark and barren landscape.

Although the “fire” part in “Land of Fire and Ice” might generally refer to the active volcanicity, and geothermal phenomena of Iceland, one might like to view it in a different way. A look at the barren, black lava fields may give one the impression that the landscape was burnt severely by fires.

Your journey might not always be in open areas.  you could  journey into lava caves where you can see spectacular icicle formations.

Rafting & Kayaking

You can embark on an adventure through the splashing whitewaters of Iceland. The glacier fed Hvita River runs with turbulence, and it has become a hub for rafting in Iceland. In some areas of the river, instead of a flat riverbank, you’ll encounter vertical grey canyon walls. Being walled in by these canyons makes for a great setting for the adventure.

You could also go kayaking off the coastal fjords, and view the scenic mountains and vertical cliffs that wall the coast. The fjord waters off Iceland’s coast are calmer than the turbulent Hvita River; therefore, suitable for less experienced kayakers.

Winter Snowmobiling & Summer Biking

Snowmobiling may be part of your adventure holiday in Iceland. You could go snowmobiling through the glacier areas of Iceland. The flat, open, snow-blanketed landscape, can make for a great adventure.

If you want an adventure to overcome obstacles you can go mountain biking in the summer. Mountain biking can be a great way to come in closer proximity to nature, at the same time having an adventure. You can experience biking deep in the countryside; away from civilization; in the flat, open lava field landscape; with a view of mountains and hills in the distance. A picturesque setting for a great adventure.

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