Icelandic Pony Trips

Icelandic pony trekking is a wonderful activity for a family holiday. There are several options available when it comes to pony riding in Iceland. For reviews, tips, facts & information read on…

When planning for an Icelandic pony trip there are certain things to keep in mind. Look at the history of the tour operator to ensure that they provide quality service and safety so that you have peace of mind when your child is enjoying the trip.

Among the many tour organizers, Ishestar has been the leading tour operator since 1982.They offer various tours designed for travellers based on locations, duration and varying riding experiences. Icelandic pony trips are included in the family tours, beginners as well as those who enjoy walking the horses rather than riding.

Ishestar Pony Riding Tours

The Family Adventure specially caters to the young horse lovers. The whole family can spend their time in the vicinity of the Ishestar Riding Centre. The ponies and horses are suitable for children as well as inexperienced riders due to their calm nature. Also children under the age of 6 are led by rein in a paddock at discounted  rates. It is important to note that at least one adult is required to be present with the children at the riding centre.
The family adventure can be availed all year round and any day of the week. The total duration for the tour is half an hour while the location is just outside the town of Hafnarfjörður, at a 10 minutes drive from Reykjavík. The area with its scenic beauty provides countless opportunities of hiking & riding among other activities. These pony and horse trips will ensure that the young ones will surely enjoy their stay in Iceland.

Icelandic Beach Pony Riding

Another interesting option is the beach ride which includes exciting day tours on horse and ponies. The tour begins at the beach which is next to the fishing town of Thorlákshöfn. After that the tour continues to where the river Ölfusá meets the sea and next towards the soft river banks back to Vellir. This tour is arranged for small groups of four to eight people. The total duration of the tour is five hours and the price is around 17.5ISK for adults and 14.0 ISK for children.

Iceland Glacier Horse Riding

The Iceland Travel Market selects the best tours including day tours in Iceland on their website. One of the tours includes a one day riding tour and walk in the labyrinth of the Sólheimajökull glaciers. The tour begins with two hours pony trekking in the spirit of the Vikings. The final destination depends on the wind and weather conditions as well the experience of the rider. The tour then continues towards one of Iceland’s largest glaciers, the great Mýrdalsjökull.  The tour consists of  a total of eleven hours with two walk hours and two pony riding. The minimum age required is ten years. Any family trip to Iceland will be incomplete without an Icelandic pony trip, so make sure to book one in advance.

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