Indian Bridal Saris

Looking for Indian bridal saris? Want to know about all the different types of bridal saris available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right sari for you…

The South Indian bridal saris are generally in white or cream color. These saris are richly brocaded with gold and silver thread. The heavy bridal saris are worn during the actual wedding ceremony when both the bride and groom are seated on the bridal palanquin. Many Indian weddings are held in temples in South India and therefore the bridal sari is white to reflect purity.

Traditional Indian bridal saris are very often red, which is the color of auspiciousness and good luck. The bridal sari differs from ordinary saris for its opulence and attention to detail. Silk bridal saris are particularly favored by many brides because of the softness of the fabric and the richness of the texture. Special gold embroidery makes the sari stand out and the bride has to be assisted by several maids in waiting to tie on her sari due to the heavy brocade.

Kanjeepuram silk Indian bridal saris are highly sought after by brides as these very exquisite saris are hand woven silk with gold and silver thread. No two saris are alike and the time taken to weave each sari contributes to the high cost of each bridal sari. The designs of the Kanjeepuram silk saris, which are only authentic if made by sari weavers in Kanjeepuram, India, are stunning pieces intricately woven in a variety of exquisite designs. These exclusive saris must be obtained from reputable sari retailers to avoid purchasing faux Kanjeepuram silk which is inferior.

Buying Bridal Saris Online

Shopping for Indian bridal saris is an exciting affair that involves much time and consideration. If you’re hard pressed for time though, you can purchase your bridal sari online from a selection of online stores that stock a whole range of saris. One of the premier online sari stores is You can view a vast array of bridal saris on their online store, from designer wear to hand-woven silk items. They have a variety of South Indian wedding saris, including crepe silks with sequins and embroidery. Saris with Swarovski crystals are a hit with customers as are heavy brocade silks fit for royalty.

Select Indian bridal saris that are in rich red for a stunning wedding extravaganza. Choose from hand-woven silk to heavy brocade to look glamorous on your wedding day!

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