Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad

Want to know more about the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadienjad? The following article should provide you with some general biographical information

The Iranian President, Dr Mahmoud Ahamdi Nejad was born in Aradan, Iran in 1956. He is the fourth son out of seven children. Whilst still an infant, he moved with his family to Tehran, Iran.

The Iranian President demonstrated excellent academic performance both during school and subsequently at University. He was admitted to the University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran to study Civil Engineering and then went on to complete his Masters qualifications and his doctorate. The Iranian President then successfully completed his doctorate in 1987 in the field of Engineering and Traffic Transportation Planning. Upon graduation, he was appointed as Professor at the civil engineering department in the same university in Tehran. The Iranian President authored many scientific papers and engaged in scientifc research during his time at the university and was responsible for overseeing the academic development of under and post graduate students.

During his student days, the Irani President was heavily involved in political activities, primarily those of a religious nature. Following the islamic revolution in Iran in 1979, the Irani President founded the Islamic Association of Students in the university which he was attending.

The Iranian President was unknown in Iranian politics until 2003 when he was elected the Mayor of Tehran, Iran. It is argued that during this time, the Iranian President reversed a number of the changes which had been put into effect by previous moderate mayors. This included a greater emphasis on the segragation of the genders. However, he also introduced a number of very positive changes with a focus on charity and supporting the poor in addition to looking at ways in which individals killed during the Iran – Iraq war could be remembered.

Dr Ahamadi Nejad was then elected to the position of the President of Iran in 2005. He gained an astounding 17,046,441 votes out of 27,536,069. His rival gained only 9,841,346.

The Irani President is married with two sons and a daughter.

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