Hand-Knotted Persian Carpets

Want to know the difference between Hand-knotted Persian carpets and factory made Persian rugs? Our guide to hand-knotted Persian rugs gives you the facts and information you want to know.
Persian Carpets

Throughout the history of Persian rugs traditional Persian carpets have always been hand-knotted.

Factory carpets made by machines are a product of industrialisation. One major difference between hand-knotted Persian carpets and factory rugs is that in hand-knotted Persian carpets, every single weave is knotted and tied, whereas in factory pieces the threads are often just loomed and held together by glue or acrylic.

This makes hand-knotted Persian carpets tougher and more durable than factory rugs.  Hand-knotted Persian carpets are extremely labour intensive and depend on the dedication and vision of the weavers: The result is that hand-knotted Persian carpets are more lively and vibrant and have a lot more character than factory rugs.

Hand-knotted Persian rugs improve with age

Because hand-knotted Persian carpets and rugs are made purely from wool, this helps the carpet to be durable and actually improve with age. Unlike factory carpets which deteriorate, hand-knotted Persian carpets take on a shiny embossed look after several years wear which is actually quite endearing and helps to increase the value of the hand-knotted Persian carpet.

Washing hand-knotted Persian carpets

Hand-knotted Persian carpets are also easier when it comes to care and repair. For example, Hand knotted Persian rugs can be washed from back to front provided they are put out to dry immediately afterwards.

This is important because very often both hand-knotted and machine made Persian carpets accumulate dirt on the bottom of the carpet which cannot be washed through with factory rugs because of waterproof chemicals used.

Hand knotted Persian carpets as an investment

Although it is believed that factory made carpets are a lot cheaper than hand-knotted Persian carpets this is not always the case. While it is true that antique hand-knotted Persian carpets can be costly, so too are many of the larger sized factory rugs.

If you are thinking about buying a Persain carpet, it’s worth remembering that hand-knotted Persian rugs last longer than factory carpets which often lose their lustre with wear and hence are thrown away.

Hand-knotted Persian rugs are also rare in that they appreciate in value with age so very often one can make money on an investment in a hand-knotted Persian rug after several years of use. When taking all these factors in to consideration it seems that Hand-knotted Persian rugs are better value for money in the long term.

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