Family Honor Korean Drama

Watching the Korean drama Family Honor? If you don’t have the English subtitles for the drama previously known as Marrying the Mafia then read ahead to figure out what it’s all about…

The Korean drama Family Honor is a prime example of the romantic and family drama genre. It was previously known as Marrying the Mafia. Its 54 episodes have been aired from October 2008 through 2 April 2009 on weekends in Korea.

The Storyline of the Korean Drama Family Honor

The story of this Korean drama Family Honor revolves around the life of a beautiful yet pitiable character known as Ha Dan Ah. This dignified character is portrayed in the right manner by Korean actress Yoon Jung Hee. The story revolves around the life of the lead character who was married in her twenties. An unfortunate event led to a car crash and subsequent death of her husband on their honeymoon.

The Korean drama storyline revolves around two men pursuing her after the death of her husband. One of the men, named Lee Kang Suk, hails from a rich family and is played in an adept manner by Korean actor Park Shi Hoo. The other man featured in this Korean drama is named Jung Hyun Kyu and is portrayed by Lee Hyun Jin as the younger man besotted by the lead protagonist of this TV serial. The main story focuses on how the Ha family headed by this lady manages to uphold the reputation and credibility of their family name.

Attraction of the Korean Drama Family Honor

A central feature of the Korean drama called Family Honor is that it depicts an accurate picture of how the Korean aristocracy still holds onto its genteel values from traditional times in this highly modern westernized world. It is different in terms of being family-oriented, because it incorporates old world Korean culture back into the 21st century showing that values can transcend time. The entire TV serial focuses on the trials and tribulations found in the imperfect lives of four generations of the Ha, Jung and Lee families.

Characters and Their Roles in Family Honor

The first episode features the arrival of a young lady at the huge, aristocratic family mansion. The characters are developed very carefully for their roles. After losing their wealth the head of the family Ha Man Gi works hard to regain their previous ancestral and aristocratic position in society. The great grandfather plays the patriarchal member of the family who has a younger son and a sister. The son has a child but no wife. When the grandfather passes away it is sad that only the son is available and none of the other family members can make it due to their involvement and commitment with life in general.

When Ha hears of the news of his demise she immediately tries to get a flight back home and then encounters the cheeky Lee off whom she tries to buy off a return ticket. The flirtatious man offers her the ticket for hundred million, which leaves Ha stranded and looking for other options. The story develops with her finally managing to get back to her family home and facing all the challenges with her traditional values that conflict with the modern world.

There is a lot of infidelity among other siblings and some end up in jail, which leads to eventual divorces among the couples. There’s a lot of sibling rivalry and arguments and the weak fabric of the family structure is evident in the way everyone’s life collapses with the death of the grandfather. The Korean drama Family Honor goes on to depict the trials and tribulations faced by different individuals based on inappropriate behavior and not getting their due rights from their family.

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