Visas and Passports in Iran

Thinking of visiting Iran? You will not be disappointed. It is a beautiful country with a wonderful history and the most welcoming of citizens

To gain a visa into Iran, it necessary for all applicants to have at least six months remaining on their passport from the point of entry.

Israeli individuals or, individuals with an Israeli travel stamp in their passport will not be granted a visa under any circumstance.

Americans are only able to enter Iran on an accompanied visit (e.g. as part of a tour group). For this reason, visa entry will only be granted once the Foreign Ministry are happy that the arrangements for stay once inside Iran are satisfactory.

Turkish nationals are the only citizens who are not required to have a visa on entry to Iran. They can stay in Iran for up to three months. Malaysian and Singaporean nationals can be granted visas free of charge for stays of up to two weeks on arrival to Iran.

There are a number of different visas which Iran will grant:
1) Tourist / Business and Pilgrimage Visas – Allow for stays of up to one month in Iran and are valid for three months from the date of issue
2) Business – Allow for stays of up to one month in Iran and are valid for three months from the date of issue
3) Transit – Valid for five days

If when visiting you wish to extend your visa beyond three months, then it is necessary for you to apply to either the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (based in Tehran) or the Police Headquarters within eight days of your arrival in Iran.

To apply for a visa to Iran, the following conditions are necessary:
1) Two passport sized photos should be supplied – please note that women should be wearing a headscarf in the photos
2) The passport must have two blank pages into which the visa can be placed
3) You should also have a letter of invitation from a respective business / family / individual within Iran

You should allow four weeks for your Visa to Iran to be processed.

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