German Shepherd Dog Breed

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The German Shepherd dog was developed in Germany by a cavalry officer. The main focus was on its working abilities. Its developer, Max von Stephanitz, had a vision to create a dog that had certain characteristics to make it a unique working dog. These characteristics included agility, an ability to e trained, an ability to control its aggression, obedience, a well developed sense of smell, immense courage and intrepidness.

The training and development activities focusing on the German Shepherd dog breed try to inculcate these characteristics. In the 20th century there were many informal training contests conducted in Europe for different dog breeds.

Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde Training Standards

However the developer of this breed went on to create a formal competition held under the banner of Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde, a German Shepherd dog Club in Germany. The performance of the dog was tested on the basis of its obedience, tracking skills and the degree of personal protection it offered. Today these tests have been formalized in the Schutzhund scale to measure the degree of each characteristic trait and then provide certification.

Strict Registration Procedures

In Germany there are very strict registration procedures for the German Shepherd dog. In order for the club to register any of the dogs in the litter, each of the parents of the puppies have to have working titles and at least a “G” or Good conformation rating. The parents are not suitable for breeding if this condition is not met.

In order for the adult German Shepherd dog to compete in conformation shows, or even be utilized and recommended for breeding, it is required that the dog have a working title. In a majority of cases the German shepherds have Schutzhund titles. However, there is an exception when the dog is allowed to compete only once in the non-titled adult dog class during its lifetime. Conversely the puppies and adolescent dogs do not require a working title in order to compete in conformation shows.

In order to get a title the dog must perform well in their tracking, personal protection skills as well as obedience. The levels and degrees of these traits must be acceptable to the Verein fur Deutsche Hundeswessen. The classifications are SchH and IPO. Apart from this the German bomb and narcotics dogs as well as the PH, DPO and DH are also expected if the dog is a real working dog or has conducted the work for a minimum one year.

The original breed was developed for herding in the tending style, and this is also acceptable as the HGH. While it does have the protection and courage segment, it does not include the tracking segment.

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