Irish Dance Dress

Looking for an Irish dance dress? Want to know about all the different varieties of dance dresses available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right dress for you…

The dresses worn by girls in Irish dance schools or commission schools are quite distinctive with skirts that are stiff and pleated. The elaborately embroidered skirts are teamed with a simple blouse and the whole Irish dance dress set will be in the colors of the school. The dancing school will normally have a specific dance dress, which all its female dancers will wear.

Irish dance dress from dancing schools will display the emblem of the school prominently to differentiate the dresses from rival dance schools. The design of the dress is quite simple, generally only having a few colors. These dance dresses are, however, much more complex than beginner or Novice level dancers as they are used for competitive purposes.

For solo dancers, the Irish dance dress can be very intricate and attractive. Due to the demands of high level competition and the need to stand out from a host of other dancers, the solo dance dress will make use of extensive fabric and unique designs. Silk and organza are favorite fabrics as are lace and velvet. The dress is heavily sequined and is made to measure. Since the dance dress is hand made, each dress is costly, with prices going up to $4,000 in some instances.

Competitive Irish Dance Dress

All the competition dance dresses must have pleats that are stiffened but can vary in the designs and colors. Solo dresses are the most exquisite to behold, displaying careful attention to detail and stunning effects. A dancer will complement her Irish dance dress with a tiara or a crown on a stylized wig. As a dancer may appear pale under the bright lights of the arena, stage make up and fake tan is used to embellish their appearance.

There are Irish dance competitions at various age levels including under-10 and under-12 championships. These competitions attract numerous talented children from various dance schools who vie for trophies and prizes. The Irish dance dress worn at these competitive meets can no longer be highlighted with fake tans and stage make-up.

Irish dance dresses are unique and beautiful designs that are tailored to showcase the talents of dancers focusing on their excellent footwork. Competition level dance dresses are exquisitely styled in organza and silk with sequins and lace.

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