Famous Castles in Ireland

Interested in famous castles in Ireland? Discover the most popular castles spread across the surface of Ireland…
Castles in Ireland

Amongst the things that Ireland is famous for are its castles. You will find castles of varying kinds dotted everywhere across the country. The castles are a monument of the history of the region. Over the years some of these castles have become renowned world over.

Some of the most famous castles in Ireland are as follows:

Birr Castle in County Offaly

Originally this castle belonged to the O’Carrolls. They were outlawed back in 1620. The castle houses wondrous gardens that have the biggest magnolia growth in the entire country. The castle also houses a massive telescope inside which is one of the main reasons for its fame. The first telescope was incorporated in the Birr Castle back in 1825. It has gone through a series of modifications over the passage of time. Up until 1917 this telescope was credited as being the largest one in the world.

Dunluce Castle in County Antrim

This impressive castle is nestled next to the outpost of the Antrim coast. Richard de Burgh is credited as being the one who rebuilt the castle in the year 1150 AD. Before this a forts used to exist in the same place.

When the British attacked Ireland in the 16th century the castle fell out of use. Cair Paravel is believed to have taken inspiration from this particular castle for his series “The Chronicles of Narnia”. The castle has a beautiful view that lets you see the sea of Islay.

The exact location of the castle is about three miles from the East of Portrush road towards Bushmills. The castle can be visited on special tours organized through Easter to September. Interested individuals can even pre-book the castle out of season.

Trim Castle in County Meath

Located on the shore of the Boyne in County Meath, Trim Castle is without a doubt one of the most revered sites of Ireland. For the longest time Trim Castle enjoyed being the largest and most important castle of the Anglo Roman times.

The castle was defended by all means using boiling water, tar, rocks, arrows and what not. The castle came into its complete form in three stages. The project was initiated by Hugh de Lacy in 1174. Modifications and expansions were made again in 1196 and then it was finally completed by Walter de Lacy in 1206.

Leap Castle in County Offaly

This castle makes the list of most famous castles in Ireland for more than one reason. The biggest reason for its fame is the fact that it is credited as being the most haunted castle of Ireland. Over the course of history the castle served as a guard house for the pass from Slieve Bloom to Munster in the 14th century. Many people are attracted to Leap Castle due to its legends and mysteries that surround it. However they say it is not a place that the faint hearted would want to visit.

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