Kathy Ireland Bedroom Furniture

Interested in Kathy Ireland bedroom furniture? Read on to discover the special bedroom furniture that Kathy Ireland is renowned for producing…
Ireland Bedroom Furniture

Kathy Ireland has become a household name with its exquisite bedroom furniture managing to impress the masses. Irrespective of the kind of feel you are looking for in your bedroom you are sure to find the versatile collection from Kathy Ireland to have exactly what you want, only better than you could have imagined.

Standard Porto Fino Poster Complete Bedroom Set

This particular set deserves special mention. This is one of the best creations by the company. The bedroom set takes its inspirations from ancient Rome and Renaissance arts. With this bedroom set you will transform the interior of your 21st century homes into classical Italy.

The bed is decorated with egg and dart simulated woodcarvings that work to compliment its elegant lines. To add to the glamour of the bed it has been given a special textured finish adding a sense of sophistication to the bed.

Standard Porto Fino Nightstand

This is one of the special components of the Porto Fino bedroom set. The nightstand is modeled around the same Renaissance style. It has the same egg and dart theme running through making it a beautiful accent piece.

The nightstand has been given a simulated dragon ash finish and is constructed out of solid wood with simulated wood grain laminates. The nightstand features two spacious drawers that have been given a brass finished baroque style drawer.

A simulated marble laminate top gives the nightstand a touch of class. Carved effects in brushed gold color can be seen highlighting the sides of the nightstand.

Standard Porto Fino Triple Dresser

Your Porto Fino bedroom set would be incomplete without a dresser. This triple dresser, like the rest of the set has been designed in commemoration of ancient Roman aesthetics. It has been given a lovely textured finish that makes it blend in with the rest of the furniture included in this set.

The dresser will give you plenty of storage space with seven spacious drawers. Antique brass finish hardware and a simulated marble laminate top maintain the continuity of class. The dresser is also adorned with decorative leaf and vine overlays of simulated wood.

Standard Porto Fino Mirror

Once you have the dresser you will definitely require the same style mirror to complete your bedroom set. The Porto Fino mirror gives you a taste of old world charm with its vertical detailed carved frame meshing.

The mirror features and overhang crown arch along with ornately carved recessed crown panels. Carved wood button ornamentation on the dragon ash finish gives the mirror its classic Porto Fino look.

Traditional arch dresser mirror

If you want to go for a smaller mirror then this traditional arch dresser mirror fits in just fine on top of your dresser. You can even add this mirror in your bedroom along with the larger mirror mentioned above. The classic mirror features the same trademark designed followed through the theme.

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