Irish Setter Puppies

Interested in buying an Irish setter puppy? Want to know what makes these puppies unique? Read on to get information on what to expect from the breed…

Also known as the Red Setter, the Irish Setter is one of the most popular varieties of the gundog family. Perhaps the most appreciated element of this dog is its brilliant deep red long and silky coat.

As beautiful as it is the coat requires extreme maintenance and care. It is prone to matting and tangling hence owners of this dog will have to brush the coat on a regular basis. The dog develops a rather voluminous undercoat in the winter season.

The average Irish setter puppy will grow to be an inch or two over two feet tall. The males can weigh in at about 60 to 70 pounds whereas the females weigh in a bit lighter ranging from 53 to 64 pounds. The males are also generally taller than the females.

Irish Setter character

The Irish Setter is particularly renowned for possessing a very friendly nature. Whether it is children, other dogs or any other pets for that matter the Irish setter will get along just fine. Instead of barking at visitors the Irish setter will actually greet them with great enthusiasm. They are renowned as being one of the best family dogs out there.

The Irish setter is no lazy dog. Instead it has a great deal of energy and is very active. In order to keep this dog satisfied you need to take it out on long walks and give it large open spaces to run around and exert its energy. They do have a tendency to disobey their masters not with any misbehavior but with plain old playing deaf. This is why training the Irish setter should be undertaken from an early stage.

The Irish setter develops its full potential when it is given a job to do. When bored, the Irish setter can actually become destructive. The tendency to develop such hypersensitivity makes the Irish setter a dangerous breed if left alone. Human companionship is what they long for and if left alone in the barnyard this playful dog can become a frustrated beast.

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding the Irish Setter. Many people think the Irish setter to be a stupid or high strung mutt. This couldn’t be further away from the truth. When trained effectively they will give you the swiftest response. And they are intelligent enough to even trick their masters in some cases.

Although the Irish setter is not at all an aggressive breed it does possess a high level of alertness to its surroundings. The Irish setter is no guard dog though, it will not attack nor put its own life at stake to defend yours.

Health problems in the Irish Setter

The Irish setter is an extremely healthy breed. But just like there are a few hereditary problems in every dog’s bloodlines the Irish setter too is prone to develop some health problems if not vaccinated or given proper treatment. Some of these problems are hip dysplasia, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, Gastric Torsion or Bloat, Von Willebrand’s disease and Canine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency.

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